CryptoPing Concludes Its ICO

Cryptoping’s ICO is officially over. The project has attracted many investors because of its interesting and unique business goals. Let’s take a moment to review those goals, how they are implemented, and how the ICO did overall.

CryptoPing is the Telegram Bot Which Sees Altcoin Signals

CryptoPing is a bot that lives on the Telegram messaging service and it is able to analyze incredible amounts of data coming from the largest exchanges -but it does not include data from every exchange-. It takes this data and determines where the next big pumps -and dumps- will be in altcoin trading. This means anyone who is subscribed to its services will be able to take at least partial advantage of what it predicts. Once the user sets up their alarms, they begin to receive alerts and signals. The project claims that their long term data collection on CryptoPing’s use has show an average of 10% profit daily. All trades are made by the user themselves, since this is not a trading bot.

While it was once free to use the beta version of the bot, a subscription based model is the future of the business. Subscription fees are paid in the project’s native token, PING.

The ICO Statistics

Many investors bought up PING during the project’s ICO. Some did this to buy and hold, but many purchased these to be able to continue using the -now premium- bot service since they find value in it.

The ICO ran from May 25th to June 24th, and the numbers that project is reporting are impressive. 4,727 investors chose to participate in the ICO, and their investments made up just over 1,000 Bitcoin. Current market value of the raised funds is about $2.6 million -at the time of writing this article-.

In all, 9,000,000 PING tokens were sold during the ICO. Of those, 807,221 PING tokens were referral based, 136,868 tokens were discounted bonus tokens, and 8,000 were bounty tokens for identifying bugs and issues. A further 47,911 tokens are scheduled for burning -coins which were not sold during the course of the ICO- as well.

While the general value of the ICO was given in Bitcoin, Bitcoin itself only made up about 68% of the coins invested. The next largest was ETH with about 23%, followed by Litecoin with about 5.3%, Waves with about 3.2%, DASH with 1.1%, and Ethereum Classic with 0.9% of the ICO purchase share.

All of the well made charts and reported information can be found on the project’s website for further study. Overall, it appears that CryptoPing did well for itself with the ICO. I suspect that one reason it performed this well is because they had a free beta version of the product and service they promised. Having a working product puts many investors’ concerns about returns on investment at ease.

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