CryptoFollow – Next-gen Nexus For Investors And Traders

The crypto environment is a melting pot where technology, finances, entrepreneurship, and sheer ambition come together to create a radiant and revolutionary ambience. The individuals involved in this transformative market tend to be enthusiastic and driven people with an eye for innovation and wealth creation.

The crypto universe moves a lot of money, too. The crypto market value is currently somewhere in the region of $250bn, and though the market’s inherent volatility has wiped out more than its fair share of wealth during troubled times, the market remains strong and prosperous.

There are many personality types and quasi-celebrities rising out of the crypto arena. The market is driven by people, after all. But there are two distinctive personas who flow with the lifeblood of the crypto heart: Investors and investment professionals. These two personas symbolize the financial and entrepreneurial spirit needed to drive the crypto market forward.

CryptoFollow has created a platform to bring these two personas together, to work in synergistic combination to create and manage crypto investments.

CryptoFollow: Creating The Right Conditions For Investors And Investment Professionals To Find Each Other

The crypto world is a dynamic environment where nothing stays the same for long. In this ever-moving sphere, it can be hard for investors to find the right investment professionals or managed funds to put their trust and money into, which means that great investment opportunities might be missed.

Investing is an inherently risky proposition. The threat of malefactors always lurks close in the crypto woods. An investor must think long and hard, do proper research, and exercise due diligence long before money changes hands.

CryptoFollow has created a blockchain backed brokerage platform where investors can access and join forces with much sought-after (and vetted) investment professionals to create and manage wealth, while addressing issues like accessibility, time management, and the always crucial trust that an investor needs to become involved in a given project.

Backed by the EOS Blockchain, CryptoFollow features a unified and cohesive trading framework that enables its members to interact in a safe manner. The platform includes an up-to-date trading reports that give instant access to time-sensitive opportunities.

How CryptoFollow Works

The concept behind CryptoFollow is relatively simple: an investment professionals creates a network and adds contracts. An Investor joins that network, signs one or more contracts, and the investment professionals executes the trade based on the parameters set out in the contract.

The platform thus relies on four main pillars: Investment Professionals, Investors, Contracts, and Networks. The definitions and roles of these two personas and abilities within the decentralized CryptoFollow environment are worth exploring.

The Investment Professionals’ Role

The investment professionals are thoroughly vetted individuals acting as community leaders and guides for Investors. Investment professionals have inherent privileges to create new networks with up to five contracts per network, and will be proven to have a verifiable profit-making track record so Investors can conduct business on a sound and trusted footing. Investment professionals’ have the ability and discretion to either accept, reject, or ban a potential investor or request.

Investment professionals are able to execute trades on behalf of Investors who have signed a contract with the investment professionals’s network, with no requirement to exchange funds between both parties.

Through CryptoFollow, the investment professionals effectively acts as a guide for investors, providing accurate and up-to-date trading data and interacting with the networks they have created.

The Investor Role

Within the CryptoFollow ecosystem, an Investor is defined as a person who follows investment professionals, their Networks, and the Contracts that have been created. If an Investor’s request to join a network is accepted, the Investor can review and sign any Contract available within that network.

Once a contract is signed, any orders will automatically be placed from the Investor’s account when the Market Leader who created that contract executes a trade.

This dynamic effectively turns the Investor into a day trader, while outsourcing the actual trading to a verified expert.


A Contract acts as an agreement between an investment professionals and an Investor.

On the technical side, the Contracts are smart contracts created and transacted on the EOS Blockchain. Only investment professionals can create and deploy Contracts. Once the Contract is live, it requires the Investor’s signature for validation. The signature is the trigger to activate automated order executions. It is worth noting that a Contract can only have one single creator (the investment professionals), but might be signed by multiple Investors.

The Network

Networks are the communities within the community, so to speak, and can be created with either Public or Private attributes. When the investment professionals creates a Network, they are essentially bringing Investors together for the purpose of making a profit through investment. It is up to the investment professionals to choose who is allowed to join a particular Network.

The CryptoFollow platform includes a neat feature for Networks. They can integrate with the investment professionals’s social channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.


CryptoFollow’s decentralized platform is the EOS Blockchain-backed nexus between Investment Professionals and Investors, where both personas can grow their respective portfolios through Networks and Contracts to generate and manage wealth.

Thorough vetting and a proven track record for investment professionals remove the intrinsic uncertainty that exists on any investment or trading platform, fostering trust and growth through the new business generated by the Networks.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored article