Cryptocurrency Scam Site Warning – Ether Miners

In the cryptocurrency world, it is not overly difficult to spot scam sites. The vast majority of fake projects revolve around cloud mining and do so by targeting communities of popular cryptocurrencies. Ether Miners, an “innovation cryptoplatform,” offers Ethereum cloud mining with substantial returns. Guaranteed returns are completely out of the question in the cryptocurrency world, and this site is nothing more than a scam.

Ether Miners Will Steal Your Investment Sooner or Later

It is always rather worrisome to see an Ethereum cloud mining platforms display a huge Bitcoin logo. This goes to go show the “company” did not spend a lot of time on designing their website, and just used some stock images. While this may still lure in some unsuspecting investors, it is also a dead giveaway for this platform’s intentions.

What Ether Miners does, is offer an investment opportunity to Ethereum fans. The platform has been in operation for a whopping five days, and claims over US$61900 has been invested so far. Those numbers are utterly fake, of course, and go to show there is nothing legitimate about this company. Moreover, they also claim to have paid out over US$10,500 to their users, which is virtually impossible in such a short amount of time.

As one would come to expect from Ponzi schemes in the cryptocurrency world, users can pick from different investment opportunities. One is conveniently called EtherClassic, although it has nothing to do with Ethereum Classic. Instead, this a program that returns 2% of the investment every single day, without users having to do anything in return. The day such schemes legitimately work forever will be the day we can all retire. But Ether Miners will not grant anyone retirement, except for the site owners as they steal funds.

Another thing we start to see more and more among Ponzi schemes in the cryptocurrency world is how all of these “companies” are seemingly registered in the United Kingdom. Obtaining the necessary documentation requires either excellent Photoshop skills or a few quid to get a certificate. Additionally, the address mentioned on the website is not the company address by any means, but no one expected anything different.

To top it all off, the Ether Miners website is clearly designed by Eastern Europeans with sloppy English skills. The names at the top of the page are all Eastern European-sounding, whereas the English text on the template pages indicates a lack of written English skills. In saying so, we do not want to discriminate against cryptocurrency enthusiasts in that region, but merely point out a recurring theme among cryptocurrency investment scams.

One final thing that puts off anyone with a clue is how the company claims to have generated income over the past 12 months. Rather strange, as their incorporation documentation dates back to October 18, 2016. Unless they have invented time travel somehow, nothing is adding up for Ether Miners. Avoid it all costs, and don’t waste your money.

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