Crypto Millionaire Victor Shlampa Makes Bold Dogecoin Price Target

Millions of people worldwide hold digital assets in their wallets. According to a file report by Henley & Partners, an investment migration consultancy, in early September, more than 400 million people use crypto for various purposes, including buying and selling as well as investing for the long run. Early crypto adopters like Victor Shlampa have made millions investing in Digital assets. Victor is now eyeing Dogecoin for potential gains in the incoming bull market cycle.

Will Dogecoin reach $10?

Dogecoin developers launched the project as a joke, using the Shiba Inu dog breed as a mascot following its trending meme. However, the crypto fraternity took the projects seriously, and the platform quickly rose above the ranks in terms of market capitalization, outperforming other major digital currencies. Dogecoin is an inflationary platform whose miners mint 5 million DOGE coins yearly to secure the network and protect the ecosystem. For DOGE to reach $1, the platform needs a market cap of $180 billion. Dogecoin may make it to $10 in the next ten years, but its market cap will need to grow significantly from its current amount.

Will the crypto market recover?

The crypto markets have been in a free fall for months as asset prices bleed with bearish investor sentiments. Despite the massive sell-off witnessed in 2022 due to the collapse of major projects and centralized crypto-oriented organizations, the first quarter of 2022 ended bullish, giving investors positive returns. However, macroeconomic factors forced a rally that raided Bitcoin liquidity below the $24k level. With increased BitcoinETF applications and an incoming Bitcoin halving event, experts predict the recovery could be solid in 2024 despite increased regulatory scrutiny. Projects like Bitcoin Spark will yield significant gains for early adopters.

What is Bitcoin Spark?

Of late, a new decentralized digital platform called Bitcoin Spark has been trending among the top promising projects to invest in. The platform has a running ICO event, dispensing BTCS tokens to online entrepreneurs looking for significant gains at the onset of the bull market. Bitcoin Spark is a BTC hard fork whose native utility token is BTCS.

BTCS tokens are currently minted on the Ethereum blockchain to foster the ICO event and allow investors to buy, hold, and trade the token before the Spark mainnet release. However, the release will take place soon after the ICO event ends. Bitcoin Spark has passed all audits, including smart contract audits conducted by leading auditing platforms such as Contract Wolf and Vital Block.

But how will BTCS tokens exist in two different blockchains? Ethereum and Bitcoin Spark, alongside other significant networks like Polygon and BNB Smart Chain, have a bridging feature that makes the networks interoperable. Upon mainnet release, Bitcoin Spark’s bridging feature will allow ICO wallets to bridge their tokens back to the Bitcoin Spark network while containing the cross-network balance between established liquidity pools on Ethereum and the other listed networks.

Additionally, the network will allow the receipt of two data streams from a single RPC provider. This unique feature will prompt the developers to create a unique wallet for Bitcoin Spark users that accommodates multiple layers and information sources from different RPC providers. Bitcoin Spark’s BTCS tokens are only $3 each in the ongoing pre-sale phase 7. After phase seven ends, phase 8 will begin with a higher price and a reduced bonus. The launch price of BTCS tokens has been pegged at $10, guaranteeing phase 7 investors 357% capital gains in just a few weeks.

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Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash