Crypto Hub Platform HybridBlock Sets Trade Pairs With Stable CryptoCoin TrueUSD

Thousands of people around the world have been able to capture the unique and unstable prices of cryptocurrencies. Fluctuating wildly, these digital monies give users the opportunity to buy and sell multiple times a day and increasing their wealth.

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Yet, for people who have little knowledge and understanding of how to predict or make calculated risks, this means losing their investments very quickly. This scares off potential investors who might have a lot of money for investment, but are not sure if they can make the crypto cut.

All In One Crypto Ecosystem: HybridBlock

HybridBlock is a platform that has a wide range of services, specially designed to cater for crypto investors who have a weak grasp on the workings of digital money or are just not comfortable with investing in such a volatile market.

Through its unique services, the exchange platform gives users the stability and the confidence they would need to trade in cryptocurrencies.

HybridBlock & TUSD Partnership

HybridBlock’s teaming up with TrueUSD, a stable coin that tethers its value to the US dollar, is another step towards making cryptocurrency trading mainstream. The TUSD coin can be redeemed against the USD at a 1 to 1 ratio.

TUSD will be utilized on the HybridBlock platform by serving as a base pair, allowing traders to hedge against the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. This allows new, inexperienced or cautious traders to invest easily in the crypto market, without worrying about losing money.

What Services Does HybridBlock Offers?

The HybridBlock platform primarily consists of four services:

  • Learning Hub: Small, easy to digest learning programs for newbies and less experienced traders. The programs are modular and carry small gifts as an encouragement and incentive.
  • Trading Platform: A fully powerful trading area, allowing trading of multiple coins with ease. This gives traders the option to trade in a variety of coins and tokens, banking on the platform’s ability to allow trade fast and efficient trade.
  • Global Exchange: Offering the most competitive prices through pulling prices from the largest order book. Cryptocurrencies, apart from being volatile in trading, have different trading values at a single time on different exchanges. The Global Exchange covers this fluctuation by providing the best of exchange prices by monitoring all the major exchanges and quoting the best price to traders.
  • Dedicated Terminal: With a terminal running on user computer, extremely fast quotes and latest prices are available to traders. Users will no longer need to log on to the platform every time they need to make a transaction, cutting down on the few crucial seconds of selling or buying a trade

Tokenomics Of HybridBlock

The platform is currently running its token generation event that will end on 6th June,2018. With 50,000,000 USD as the target of the event, 90% target has been achieved with 45,000,000 HYB already claimed by investors. Although the token will be pegged to the US dollar, the platform is distributing the tokens at a discounted rate of 1 HYB = 0.3 USD.

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