Crypto Driven Solutions for the Travel Industry’s Biggest Pain Points

Rising up to today’s rising expectations

The expectations set by today’s technological developments are rising ever so much higher. The new age customer has become accustomed to the conveniences afforded by online connectivity, and the mobile phone has become a non-negotiable daily weapon. Because of this, businesses across the board are pressured to keep up. And the travel industry isn’t exempt from this race.  

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“Our guests are coming in with new expectations, because the technology has really arrived,” says Hilton Hotels executive Robert Machen.

In an age where there’s an “Uber for everything,” it has become apparent that the travel industry has been lagging for a while now. The commute—whether by car or by plane, remains a stressful part of the supposedly invigorating travel routine. The past few years have been especially rough, with big airline companies suffering one PR disaster after another.

But while flight delays, cancellations, and bump offs may be unavoidable, there are many aspects of the travel industry that can be controlled—and better managed. Obviously, guests are already very exhausted by the time they make it to the hotel door. By then, they would have already endured an endless series of queues at the airport, a couple more for getting cabs to get to and from there, and then they would have to sit and wait some more in traffic.

Having guests line up again at a hotel’s front desk just to check in piles on to this exhaustion. And at this point in time and technology, this is no longer acceptable. A hotel should never be associated with stress. After all, the main value proposition of hoteliers rely on the comfort and relaxation they supposedly offer their guests.

Skip the desk™

Having guests arrive at the same time and line up at the front desk is an additional source of stress to both guests and staff. Airstayz, a blockchain-based travel platform, has devised the perfect solution to this unnecessary chokepoint.

Airstayz employs the Skip the desk™ mechanism which allows hotels to fulfill their promise of relaxation. Travelers can unwind as soon as they step into the hotel—they no longer have to fall in line at the reception, giving them a better first impression of the business establishment, and a smoother, more pleasant experience overall.

With Airstayz, guests can use their mobile phone to do online booking, online check-in, and keyless entry to their rooms and guest facilities. The same thing goes for checking out—there’s no need for guests to cut out valuable time and energy from their already hectic schedules.

Minimizing the time guests spend waiting to check in and check out not only cuts down on hotel staff workload, it actually makes the experience better for clients. An automated system helps significantly minimize guest frustration and improve customer experience as well as long-term relations.

In fact, a study by Zebra Technologies attests to all Airstayz provides: 66% of guests have a better experience when associates use the latest technology, 68% of guests want to use their smartphone to speed up check in, and 70% of guests want to use technology to speed up getting what they want.

“They don’t want to stand in line; they don’t want to meet someone else. They just want to get in and out,” says Michael Levie, the COO of CitizenM, said at the HotelsWorld Australia New Zealand in 2014.

Going the distance: more than just hotels

Airstayz is securing a rapidly growing league of hoteliers and businesses, beginning in Australia and quickly expanding to the United States, Latin America, and Europe this year.

The company works continuously to become the go-to platform for the world’s travel needs. Travelers no longer have to search different platforms to find the best options based on their preferences and budget. This means that establishing a company’s reputation within the ecosystem can be a powerful tool in maintaining competitiveness and securing a piece of the global market.

A reputation system is in place to help build a strong community where peer reviews help travelers make informed choices, and incentivizes businesses to deliver high quality service. This benefits both businesses and their clientele. Additionally, the Airstayz economy—which runs on the STAY token—employs a reward system to help the ecosystem thrive.

The STAY token is an essential aspect to the Airstayz platform. It is the currency through which businesses and clients transact. Adding a cryptocurrency to the ecosystem provides a seamless way to pay and be paid for services. For travelers, cryptocurrency wallets have their advantages over physical credit cards and fiat in terms of security. It also instantly provides an automated bookkeeping of transactions that cannot be tampered with, and can easily be sent as proof of what had transpired. As the world transitions to an all-digital way of conducting trade, the STAY token aims to establish itself as the standard token for travelers and the businesses they interact with.

The Airstayz platform is building a fair economy where businesses can start to compete on equal grounds. Regardless of whether they are a budding business or an established empire, the decentralized, global platform Airstayz has built will ensure large-scale exposure.