Cryfter vs Gyft vs eGifter

One of the more convenient ways to spend bitcoin is by buying gift cards for services one commonly uses. Over in the US, there are quite a few different gift card vendors who accept bitcoin, including Gyft and eGifter. However, there are also some lesser-known companies, including Cryfter. All of these businesses try to cater to a different market as they aim to make bitcoin more useful to mainstream consumers.

3. Cryfter

Most people may have never heard of the Cryfter platform before, even though they have an interesting selection of gift cards. it is worth mentioning bitcoin is not the only accepted currency, though, as Cryfter also supports various altcoins. Users who browse the platform for gift cards can have them in the form of a downloadable code – mostly for gaming-related cards – or via email. No physical gift cards are available, although that shouldn’t be much of a problem in this Digital Age.

Among the types of gift cards one can find at Cryfter are Netflix, Playstation Store, Steak’n Shake, and iTunes, to name a few. Most of the cards are always in stock, unless specified otherwise. It is quite interesting to see Cryfter cater towards both gaming enthusiasts and those who look for fast food. Moreover, this platform adds some much-needed “use cases” to bitcoin as a whole.

2. Gyft

Gyft is by far one of the largest gift card vendors to accept bitcoin payments. The company is well-known and respected for its variety of available gift cards, with hundreds of different types available most of the time. However, not all of the listed gift cards can be purchased with bitcoin either. iTunes gift cards, for example, were not available for purchase as a bitcoin user at one point in the past

Among the retailers listed on the Gyft platform are both small and large chains. Lowe’s, eBay, Dunkin’ Donuts, Nike, and The Home Depot are just a few of the available options. A lot of people use Gyft to purchase Amazon gift cards with bitcoin, even though using services such as Purse may provide a better alternative. It is hard to look at the Gyft site and find nothing of interest to you. It is well worth checking out the platform, either to buy gift cards for yourself or as a way to gift them to someone else.

1. eGifter

One of the major bitcoin platforms to bring some competition to Gyft goes by the name of eGifter. This particular company started accepting bitcoin payments quite some time ago, and they continue along this path for quite some time to come. eGifter offers over 200 gift cards in exchange for bitcoin, with the collection growing every year. Moreover, users who buy a gift card with bitcoin will earn some extra points in the process, which is a nice touch

There are quite a lot of gift cards to choose from on the eGifter platform, that much is certain. Amazon, Best Buy, Burger King, Nintendo, and Target are just a few of the possible options. In fact, those enthusiasts who are deeply entrenched in bitcoin will have an easy time to cover most of their everyday purchases with cryptocurrency by using these gift card services. Bitcoin is far more useful than people give it credit for.

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