Crowdholding Finishes ICO, Takes Next Steps Towards Platform Growth

Crowdholding is a cryptocurrency co-creation platform that allows entrepreneurs and community members to collaborate and grow a startup together.  New companies can use the platform to raise funds, and co-creators (those who offer advice and feedback to these startups) can give their two cents on decisions that contribute to a project’s maturation.  And these two cents could potentially be worth a nice payday, as entrepreneurs can pay co-creators for their input with the platform’s native token as well their own ERC20 token.

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Crowdholding Completes its ICO

The Crowdholding ICO saw a successful finish to its initial coin offering, raising a total of 2044 ETH combined in the pre-sale and ICO.  This puts Crowdholding’s market cap at around $2mln.  

Speaking of exchanges, if you missed out on the ICO and want a piece of the action, keep an eye out for Yupie token on major exchanges this February.  Additionally, you can earn Yupie by participating in discussions for any business that co-creates and raises funds on the Crowdholding platform.

Crowdholding Fundraising Model

Any business, whether tokenized or not, can build itself on Crowdholding’s platform, and any individual wishing to contribute to a startup they believe in can use the platform to generate ideas that will earn them Yupie and ERC-20 tokens (such as SmartCash and ITT).

Startups can use the platform to gain feedback on anything related to their project, whether that be roadmap direction, logo design, business model, or anything under the sun.  This also includes bounties for project goals, meaning that startups can seek out the help of crowdholders (co-creators) on the platform and commission their help to create necessary product components (e.g., graphics, APIs,  whitepapers, manuals, etc.).

Crowdholders obviously play a pivotal role for fundraising.  Unlike traditional startup platforms, their contributions are not limited to mere monetary contributions.  They can actually offer feedback, services, criticism, and ideas for startups to take into consideration, thus building a project alongside its entrepreneurs with their own creative energy.  It’s like if Kickstarter and Quora had a child that was raised by a forum-run community like Reddit.

Crowdholding Going Forward

The Crowdholding team has already launched their BETA that is being used by a dozen of crypto businesses. Within the coming weeks, Crowdholding’s team will collect feedback from the startups and users to develop the official version of the platform.

2018 is shaping up to be a busy year for this platform.  The team has already launched its bounty program for development, marketing, and general support to get the project underway, and they hope to have a working platform for crowdfunding/sourcing this July.  By December, they hope to have their own marketplace for services and tokens launched, as well.

As you would venture to guess, the Yupie token will be used on the platform for fundraising, bounties, and rewarding co-creator contributions.  The value of this token, then, is inherent to the platform’s crowdfunding and contribution models.  If you want to invest in a startup on Crowdholding, you’ll have to use Yupie, and businesses who wish to award contributions will do so in this token, as well.  As such, as the platform grows and more startups/contributors use it, expect the value of Yupie to increase, as well.

If you’d like more information, you can visit Crowdholding’s website or its Medium page.  If you want to get involved in the community, head on over to the project’s Telegram.