Creating Decentralized Ecosystems is as Easy As 1 2 3, Thanks to ARK Deployer

Blockchain, with its efficiency, immutability, and other benefits has certainly disrupted markets worldwide. From startups to the biggest organizations in the world, it has penetrated nearly every business sector in the world. However, it still faces hurdles in its adoption.

Decentralization Blockade

Blockchain, as an upcoming technology, still lacks the proper human resources needed by many organizations to develop their own systems. Although the technology has seen an explosion in the number of programmers and developers that offer their services, demand still outstrips supply. This has resulted in a few undesired market conditions:

  • Unavailability of Developers: With few developers to go around, companies cannot find the necessary personnel to hire for their blockchain-enabled projects.
  • Expensive Services: With blockchain developers in demand higher than ever, even if an organization can get in touch with developers, compensation packages mean many companies cannot afford to hire.
  • Coding Issues: Organizations face difficulties of training their own developers as the programming is different from mainstream development. The time and money invested in developing their own resources can be a severe drain on the resources of the organization.

Three Step Blockchain With ARK Deployer

ARK, the leading cross-blockchain development company has launched a blockchain toolkit known as the ARK Deployer. The tool is the answer that organizations and individuals from all over the world seek for their blockchain development needs. The tool allows anyone to launch their own decentralized ecosystem in three easy steps. Using in built in guides, personalized blockchains are now a dream turned into reality.

The ARK Deployer has three different levels, catering to every level of user. Each level has a predefined configuration that sets each aspect and character of the blockchain. A simple slider tool allows users to set their preferred block times, number of delegates, amount of reward for each block mined and the fee structure. Each step has an explaination that users can access to understand what will happen with each setting. Detailed guides are also available, allowing users to tweak their own personal blockchain environment.

Chief Strategy Officer of ARK, Matthew Cox, explained why the need of such an easy deployment and development tool was needed,

Developers are crying out for tools to significantly reduce the time and effort needed to utilize blockchain technology. With the ARK Deployer, users will quickly be able to create their own scalable, efficient and decentralized blockchain network based on ARK’s code but customized to their specific requirements. This means users can focus on building their own ideas, projects or applications, safe in the knowledge that they will have a solid and secure blockchain foundation as part of the ARK Ecosystem.

Meanwhile, CEO of Ki Foundation, a blockchain platform that developers smart home devices, Réda Berrehili, appreciated the easy ARK Deployer system:

Creating our own ecosystem utilizing ARK’s technology as a starting point means that our organization is able to progress quickly and efficiently. We’re able to focus on developing our business-specific applications while ARK’s open source technology is providing us with a free, efficient and scalable blockchain foundation

About ARK

ARK is a blockchain deployment platform that provides innovative blockchain tools for startups around the world. Designed for mass adoption, the platform is scalable, flexible and adaptable to a number of situations. The network boasts an 8 second block time and allows multiple chains to interact with its SmartBridge Technology.

For more information on the easy to launch ARK Deployer, visit the ARK website.

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