Coronavirus and the Blockchain: Tracking the Authenticity of KN95 Masks

The blockchain can be used for many different purposes, especially during the current coronavirus crisis. It now appears that the authenticity of KN95 masks will be tracked on the blockchain.

It has been an interesting period for the United States.

Blockchain and the Coronavirus

Especially during this coronavirus pandemic, several issues with supply chains and counterfeit products have come to fruition.

As such, it is crucial to develop new solutions to ensure everything is above board.

By approving the use of KN95 masks to protect people from the coronavirus, an important first step has been taken.

These masks are, oddly enough, regulated by the Chinese government.

Unfortunately, China is also a region often associated with counterfeit goods, creating a bit of a problematic scenario.

To address this problem, Real Items Company wants to leverage blockchain technology.

The company reached out to Chinese authorities to ensure all KN95 masks entering the US are legitimate.

While it remains to be seen if the proposal is accepted, it certainly creates an interesting scenario.

Real Items Company is currently trialing a Shopify plugin to guarantee authenticity of items sold online.

Modifying the concept to track the origin of items related to the coronavirus is a smart business decision.

During times like these, dealing with counterfeit items needs to be avoided at all costs.