ConsenSys’ Ethereal SF to Activate Ethereum Community in San Francisco

Every blockchain enthusiast is sure that blockchain technology will come to the forefront of daily life. Decentralized Autonomous Corporations like self driving car services and smart contracts for anything from home to car ownership are on the horizon for the next generation of the internet. The implications of a changing job market may leave many to wonder what their place will be in the future of the blockchain.

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Sure, we may soon live in the world where the blockchain has revolutionized everything in our day-to-day life with things like tokenized assets. The only question for investors and developers alike is, “How will our society react?”

Global blockchain specialist firm ConsenSys, headquartered in Brooklyn, is addressing this question and seeking real-world solutions with Ethereal SF, an event that will highlight how blockchain will affect government, commerce, and culture. In May, the inaugural Ethereal Summit in Brooklyn hosted panels with top industry thought leaders speaking on a variety of thought-provoking subjects like “New Business Models in a Decentralizing World”, “Building a Technology of Inclusion”, and “Prototyping the Future of Government.”

Expect similar topics at Ethereal SF on October 27th, with both panels and individual speakers discussing the blockchain, bringing perspectives based on their unique areas of expertise. Following the opening of the ConsenSys offices in San Francisco, Ethereal SF looks to further discussion of the cultural impact that blockchain technology will have around the world.

Among the headliners at Ethereal SF will be founder and chairman of XPRIZE Foundation, Peter Diamandis, also known as an “optimistic futurist.” Venture capitalist and entrepreneur Bryan Johnson is also scheduled to keynote. Angel investor Gil Penchina will participate in a panel on investing in blockchain technology..

Debuting with ConsenSys’ Ethereal Summit in San Francisco is the first Ethereal Blockchain Hackathon in partnership with Blockchain@Berkeley, set to take place on October 21st through 22nd. Teams of up to six, either pre-selected or registered at the event, will have the opportunity to build substantial projects focused on creating and constructing a blockchain-based governance system.  The grand prize is five thousand dollars in ether, and the top three teams will have the opportunity to present their projects at Ethereal SF.

The challenge is to create a blockchain identification, voting, and asset transfer system that pertains to communities sharing relevant information. Mentors for the Hackathon will include Nick Dodson, Kavita Gupta, and Mike Goldin from ConsenSys. Metamask,, uPort Identity, and Core Infrastructure will have a mentor represented as well.

Judges of the hackathon will include Peter Diamandis, ConsenSys CMO and Ethereal Summit Co-Creator Amanda Gutterman, and ConsenSys Founder and Ethereum Co-Founder Joseph Lubin. The event, sponsored by ConsenSys, Blockchain at Berkeley, Microsoft Ventures, and XPrize, will have breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with complimentary snacks served at no cost to Hackathon participants. The competition will be held at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. Registration is free.

One thing for certain is that blockchain technology will bring sweeping change to our world, promising to increase transparency, efficiency, and inclusion. . However, the people who are able to shape this transition are the ones who self-select to participate in the conversation.. You can purchase tickets to Ethereal SF with ether, bitcoin or US dollars on the Ethereal Summit home page.