Commonwealth Bank of Australia to host Blockchain Workshop

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) will be hosting a series of workshops on blockchain technologies and decentralized systems. The events will focus on the impact distributed systems will have on society, commerce and governance.

David Whiteing, CIO at the CBA, views blockchain financial systems as revolutionary and transformative. Whiting was recently quoted in a ComputerWord article: “Blockchain has the potential to transform banking in the way that the internet transformed how we buy music and watch movies,”

The workshops will start on the 10th of December in Sydney. The CBA has partnered with COALA, a community formed with the sole mission of educating the public about blockchain-based distributed systems.


“COALA is an international, multidisciplinary, collaborative research and development initiative that endeavors to bring clarity and reduce legal uncertainty in the field of blockchain technologies, smart contracts and decentralized applications.”

The workshop will include speakers from some of the most prominent names in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum, will be speaking about smart contracts and their real-world applications.

Tim Swanson from R3CEV, which recently began collaborating with the CBA on numerous distributed ledger projects, will also be delivering a presentation on the application of blockchain technologies in the financial sector.

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