Combating Sciolism Through An App That Allows A Simplified Use Of Bitcoin

A very interesting utopia in today’s society refers to the fact that people from all around the world get access to the Internet and use online services of all sorts, but some actually have no idea on how that is achieved. For example, in Indonesia and in a couple of countries in Africa where this test was carried out, when groups were interviewed, they were excited to talk about how they use Facebook on a daily basis, but new little to nothing about their means of getting online.

A survey has even shown that around 3-4% of worldwide mobile phone users with access to the Internet are willing to say that they use Facebook and NOT the Internet as a means of getting there. However, it is worth noticing that regardless of knowing nothing about the means of accessing sites like Facebook for example, people continue to do so. The concept outlined can be the birthplace of a new idea, meant to simplify many aspects in our daily lives, including the use of Bitcoin. This error or discrepancy as we’d call it is actually a lot more spread that we may initially think, which brings us to the subject of whether Bitcoin represents an understandable idea for people or not.use this

One of the biggest issues with Bitcoin at this moment in time is the fact that many still do not understand and use the currency. The process of explaining how it works together with its characteristics, the fact that it is a digital commodity that exists without any control over it can be quite confusing for a beginner. Not to mention that the idea of bitcoin mining, the consensus decentralized network, the future of the currency and the concept of block-chain are words that most people without a background in the industry or who aren’t very well informed wouldn’t understand initially.

To put things into a better perspective, what is it that needs to be done to bring the cryptocurrency to the masses? Well, for people to actually be able to make use of the currency, things will have to be greatly simplified. Starting from the way that Bitcoin is accumulated to the way that it is spent, each step of the process should be explained with clear terms, as a simple network that allows people to use the coin and make payments via it is born, as an effort to make the simplified use of Bitcoin idea a reality.

By keeping these factors in mind, once the incentive needed comes along, chances are that companies which are currently in control of the Bitcoin market will begin to make the changes needed, as an effort to ensure that the coin will be available to the masses. By doing so, not only will the coin succeed from all the points of view, but the overall way that payments are made will also be changed, as the normal individual without an interest in cryptocurrency will probably not mind using it as long as it works like cash and it doesn’t cause too much trouble.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, what do you personally think about the idea of an app that allows for the simplified use of Bitcoin and for people to send and receive money over a Bitcoin network without actually knowing anything about the currency? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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