Columbia Law Professor Labels Bitcoin as a “Crime Tool”

Scholars often do not take kindly to innovation, particularly in the financial sector. A recent “paper” by a Columbia Law professor only confirms this bias.

It is not the first time a university professor tries to bash Bitcoin.

Not Everyone Gets Bitcoin

Nor will it be the last time either.

A lot of people lack the necessary understanding to look at cryptocurrencies without bias.

As can be seen in this recent paper, it is evident that the bias is very strong.

Claiming how only criminals use Bitcoin is an opinion best left in the previous decade.

Several reports have come out to confirm criminal activity represents a small fraction of Bitcoin activity. 

Why a law professor would put together such a biased document, is rather baffling.

Given the success of Bitcoin in recent years, one would expect a more neutral tone.

Unfortunately, there will always be those who oppose this concept simply because they can’t understand nor control it.

Even so, everyone is entitled to their own opinion regarding any topic.

Sharing those opinions with the public paves the path to enlightenment.

Bitcoin has proven to be very different from anything society has seen before.

It doesn’t have a steep learning curve but it does require entering with an open mind.