CoinStarter ICO is Live! STAC Your Wallet With CoinStarter

In the third quarter of 2017 alone, ICOs raised more money than the entire venture capital market for the same period, so, in the view of the general public, does it mean that people recognize crypto startups as less risky than other types of startup projects? Is it because Blockchain is like a “true” democracy where people themselves control the process? Or is it because of the number of people getting involved? In any case, any ICO must ensure transparency for its users. ICOs start and end, fail and succeed every day. What is the real assessment strategy when deciding to invest your funds into ICO? Understanding the idea, evaluating the team and…. feeling your senses. The process helps one weigh pros and cons and identify the level of bias. Well, cons are always losing money, but equally the opportunity costs play a very significant part.

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Understanding the idea is probably the initial step. Not following the crowd. Learning the strategy thoroughly and recognizing the potential. Followed by evaluation of the team- background checking is undoubtedly the second important step in making your decision. Check them out on LinkedIn, verify legitimacy, how connected they are with other industry stakeholders. And then think how you feel and invest what you are ready to lose. Cliché but maybe it is a good approach?

If you a crypto enthusiast and you are excited about the coming ICOs, one ICO might be interesting to think of – CoinStarter is a first of its kind Blockchain platform to help crypto entrepreneurs, innovators and creators bring their ideas to life. From the launch of your campaign to the distribution of coins, they will try to make every step easy and intuitive.  CoinStarter claims to have registered 160,000 ICO enthusiast on their user-friendly platform with 80 percent completed proprietary technology. The platform received 3,500+ ICOs submitted to them at the moment.

Taken from the website of CoinStarter, the following are the features of the crowdfunding platform: My StarterCoin– this feature allows you to earn StarterCoins by completing tasks. Discover Campaigns– this popular feature provides a window into current and future projects scheduled to be launched. My Portfolio– this feature is where you’ll view and monitor campaigns that you’re supporting. My Wallets– this wallet feature shows your overall contribution to campaigns and a summary of all issued coins to you in real time. My Campaigns– with this feature, you can manage your past, present and future campaigns. Syndicates– this feature will allow to start or join a syndicate and follow established ICO influencers. Start a New Campaign– this feature provides you the opportunity to launch a coin-based funding campaign or a more traditional crowdfunding campaign.

StarterCoin to enable CoinStarter

CoinStarter launches its ICO to help other facilitate their ICOs. Interesting is that CoinStarter only accepts crypto, none of the fiat money will be involved. 4,500 STAC to one ETH with 980 mln issued tokens. All unsold ones will be burnt. The company claims that the platform will build crypto related verticals, not developing horizontally by diversifying its portfolio of related crypto capabilities. The core idea of helping other ICOs rise appears to be very genuine and structured and based on business mindset. The choice is yours.