Coinsource Now Operates 35 Bitcoin ATMs In The US

Coinsource keeps expanding their American Bitcoin ATM network, as they installed the first-ever device in New Orleans. Additionally, new machines were deployed in Newark and Jersey City as well. With 35 Bitcoin ATMs in operation by this company, it has become even easier to buy and sell Bitcoin.

Coinsource Brings Bitcoin ATMs To The Party

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At the current rate, Coinsource is adding one Bitcoin ATM to their network every week. This is quite a spectacular number, considering other operators may only own one machine to begin with. The company is aggressively expanding their presence, which now spans New York, New Jersey, Texas, Nevada, California, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana.

Speaking of Louisiana, Coinsource has installed the first-ever Bitcoin ATM in the city of New Orleans. It is quite a surprise to find out none of the machines had made it to the Mardi Gras area just yet. Coinsource has gained a professional reputation in the Bitcoin world, and the face they are the first operator in this city attests to that status.

Coinsource CEO Sheffield Clark told the media:

“Bitcoin was the best performing currency of 2015 and it’s only done better in 2016. With more use-cases for it every day, more and more people want to buy in. Bitcoin’s value increased by almost 20% last week alone to a 22 month high, and many experts are predicting even further growth in the future. Our team wanted to solve the accessibility problem for bitcoin with the New Orleans community, and we are excited to offer our services to new and existing bitcoin users.”

Finding a prominent location for the Bitcoin ATM in New Orleans was less of a struggle than anticipated. In fact, the premises is ideal for this type of activity, as it is accessible 24/7. Moreover, it is a location with lots of vehicle and foot traffic. All of these aspects are invaluable to Bitcoin ATM operators.

The addition of two more Bitcoin ATMs in Newark and Jersey City brings the tally for Coinsource to 15 on the East Coast. Given the success of their New York-based machines, the company wanted to extend the same service to New Jersey residents. Placing an ATM near the Newark International Airport is a strategic move by the company.

Source: Press Release Via Email

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