Coinpunk allows you to host your own Bitcoin wallet

The biggest problem with bitcoin at the moment is merchant adoption. There are emerging startups which are trying to bring bitcoin to the everyday user by increasing merchant adoption. One such example is Coinpunk.


Coinkpunk is a wallet hosting service just like It is a front-end bitcoin platform which allows to send bitcoin, withdraw, and deposit. If you would like to know in detail how to install coinpunk on a linux vps please visit THIS tutorial. It sounds like a simple idea but it takes hard work to create a secure wallet that will be impenetrable to any hacking attempts. You cannot say that the wallet is immune to hacking attempts, but you can say that it is highly resistant. Coinpunk runs on the google app engine and is mobile-optimized. It runs over SSL – which already updated and patched the heartbleed bug.

Merchants want to use bitcoin in their payment systems but not all merchants have the resources available to code those wallets. Coinpunk is the first open source, secure, bitcoin wallet which is meant for the public’s use. The code is available on Coinpunk’s repository. The main benefit is the fact that

The user interface is entirely written in HTML with JavaScript, which means that you can run it on all modern browsers and mobile phones.(quoted from

Remember when Apple banned the blockchain wallet app from the appstore and blockchain claimed the bitcoin community will take revenge? Well this is it. Apple cannot block a website from its browser so it will have no control over users who use the coinpunk wallet on the website.

If you are a merchant and are looking to adopt bitcoin in your payment system you should visit this link which explains all the steps needed to integrate automatic bitcoin payments to your website.