CoinMetro Charges Ahead With Impressive $4 Million Generated In First 12 Hours Of Token Sale

Innovation in Blockchain technology continues to be lead by the financial sector, attracting a wealth of experts that range from traders to software developers. Cryptocurrency serves as a token of this industry. Although, still complicated to the general public, certain companies have made it their mission to provide a service that allows the public to involve themselves in this progressive and lucrative environment.

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Master of the New

Coinmetro is a company that has provided just that, and, already they have showed just how serious they are. This crypto startup will provide an ecosystem that features an exchange and supportive trading platform that puts introducing traditional financial trading features to the Blockchain market as one of it’s highest priorities. Focusing on user experience, with an impressive UI and fast, secure digital asset platform, Coinmetro will have a fast and exciting approach to crypto trading and adoption.

Unsurprisingly, then, their Token sale for XCM that began a mere couple weeks ago in February, has already raised $4 million USD. In fact it all happened within twelve hours of the sale going live. Selling an impressive 100 million XCM already, this token is looking healthier than ever, triggering new pricing and bonus offerings after each 50 million after 100 million XCM is sold that aims to incentivise more buyers into XCM.

After 200 million XCM are sold all participants are granted lifetime discounts on a large amount of fees attached to the services on CoinMetro, which are already incredibly low. With the generated funds of the Pre-sale and main Token sale events, CoinMetro plans to allocate their earnings into a majority Platform Development and HR, followed by marketing, potential acquisitions and legal.

Attractive To All

CoinMetro boasts an attractive introduction and intermediate approach to cryptocurrency. In fact, with its focus on the features that provide traditional financial solutions, and a peer-to-peer crypto exchange that removes third party fees from two-party trades suggests that CoinMetro has a good chance to dominate in this arena. Already, the current platforms that exist have put users second behind their profit making practices, destroying the concept of people power.

Traditional financial solutions and services provide a way of facilitating mass crypto-adoption. Traders and investors can use their crypto much like they do with their regular fiat currencies. Utilising smaller and niche blockchain technology currencies, CoinMetro will simplify the complicated adoption of these smaller assets and compile it all under one easy to use system.

Industry Take-Over

The industry has been waiting for a platform like this since the emergence of crypto. It’s now no longer a world in which only the experts and academics can profit off, both financially and developmentally. Transparency, accessibility, diversity and of course, a successful token launch spell out a bright future for this company. CoinMetro will continue to sell tokens until the end of March 31st 2018, with 300 million XCM available for sale. Any unsold tokens will be burnt to preserve the price of XCM.

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