Coinmarketcap Is Now More Popular Than According to Alexa

Cryptocurrency is becoming a lot more popular these days. One site used for general information on most cryptocurrencies is also growing in site traffic, rivaling more traditional investment sites. Coinmarketcap is currently the go-to platform for cryptocurrency trading and exchange information. Remarkably, the site is now ranked higher than the likes of the Wall Street Journal.

Coinmarketcap Outranks by a Small Margin

Looking at individual website statistics on any given day can sometimes produce interesting results. For example, one would expect the website of the Wall Street Journal to be incredibly popular. Alexa statistics confirm that is the case, especially among internet users in the United States. The latter aspect is not entirely surprising, as most WSJ readers reside in the U.S. Overall, is the 555th most popular website in the world, which is very impressive.

This is especially true considering how difficult it has become to maintain a top position on Alexa these days. The game is constantly changing as to how site traffic is measured and sites are indexed. Getting anywhere close to the top 1,000 is a massive challenge, especially if you want to keep your website profitable at the same time. Some sites certainly do a much better job at this than others; that much is blatantly obvious. However, has been facing some stiff competition from a competitor they would not necessarily expect.

While Alexa statistics are by no means the ultimate popularity metric for websites, they provide some interesting insights. According to the platform, Coinmarketcap is currently ranked higher than WSJ. com. To many people, that comes as a major surprise, considering that the Wall Street Journal has been around for decades. Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, only emerged a few years ago. Anything that is still relatively new and exciting often has a better chance of becoming more popular in a short span of time. That could partially explain why Coinmarketcap is currently ranked as the 547th most popular website in the world.

Looking a bit closer at these statistics, we can clearly see has suffered from a popularity downtrend throughout 2017. It is possible that the presidency of Donald Trump and his campaign against the media and “fake news” has something to do with it. A lot of people scrutinize mainstream media for virtually any story they bring to the table these days. This certainly does not affect just the Wall Street Journal, but it is possible this trend will only get worse as more time progresses.

Coinmarketcap, on the other hand, has grown in popularity by leaps and bounds. Things have certainly taken a positive turn for the site in 2017. Given the popularity and price surge of currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and Ethereum, that is not entirely surprising. Coinmarketcap is the go-to place to learn about price data, exchange volume, and other important information pertaining to cryptocurrencies. It is not entirely surprising to see them becoming a lot more popular these days, though whether or not this trend can be maintained remains to be seen.

Comparing two sites in completely different industries often makes very little sense. However, it shows that people are slowly looking for different information sources where both news and cryptocurrency are concerned. It is certainly possible cryptocurrency will stick around for a longer period of time, even though not everyone at WSJ might see it that way. Media sites have been paying more attention to cryptocurrency as well, which could paint an interesting future picture for both WSJ and Coinmarketcap alike.