Coincheck Investigates Another Hack, but Funds Appear Safu

Any cryptocurrency exchange is always subject to intrusion. Coincheck, a Japanese platform, found that out the hard way once again.

Suffering from a data breach is never fun for a company.

Coincheck may Have Been Breached Again

This is especially true if said company controls user funds on a daily basis.

For Coincheck, it seems as if a new intrusion has taken place.

Some of the user information and emails may have been accessed, but all funds are accounted for.

An official investigation by the company is still underway, thus exact details remain rather scarce for now.

According to some sources, the attack was made possible due to hackers accessing the company’s domain registrar. 

It would not be the first exchange to suffer from that fate, unfortunately.

Until the situation has been investigated, the remittance of crypto assets on the platform has now been halted.

This does not affect deposits or withdrawals of JPY, or the buying and selling of crypto assets.

It is another unfortunate incident, yet one that further highlights the need for decentralized exchanges.

More importantly, this would not be the first security incident for Coincheck either.

The exchange is best-known for the major NEM hack that happened several years ago.