Coinbase Looks To Hire Remote Bitcoin Engineers

For those among us who are looking to land a job in the Bitcoin world, Coinbase is now hiring remote workers. This is the first time one of the world’s major Bitcoin exchanges is openly hiring employees abroad without forcing them to relocate. Coinbase is located in San Francisco, CA, but remote full-time engineers are becoming a new trend within company ranks.

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Remote Full-time Engineers Are More Valuable Than One Might ThinkTheMerkle_Working Remotely Coinbase

Finding quality employees is not an easy task these days, despite there being so many bright minds looking for a new job. Even for companies like Coinbase, it has turned out to be more lucrative for them to keep engineers moving abroad onboard as remote workers, rather than replacing them altogether.

There are many advantages to hiring remote engineers, as it opens up the pool of potential employees for companies around the world. Coinbase has seen the value of remote workers – partially through their own initiative to keep certain people on board – and decided to open up this opportunity to applications all over the world.

Keeping employees motivated while they are “slaving away” at local headquarters is difficult enough, but when remote workers are involved, it’s harder to keep a close eye on things. That being said, Coinbase has identified several key factors that keep remote engineers happy and focused.

It has become increasingly easy for companies to gamble big on hiring remote engineers, thanks to the availability of high-speed Internet connectivity all over the world. This allows remote workers to use the same type of ad-hoc communication used at the company headquarters, which in turns boosts productivity.

Not A Job Suited For Just AnyoneTheMerkle_Working Remotely Bitcoin

A lot of the success associated with working remotely depends on the employee in question. Some people work far better at their own home when being left alone with clear instructions to follow, whereas others prefer to be part of the “hive mind” at company HQ. Remote engineers will need to possess strong intrinsic motivation.

Additionally, Coinbase will fly in remote workers every quarter for a short period, giving them a chance to spend quality time with the team in-person. This will also help remote workers to understand the inner working of Coinbase and its employees, which will pave the way for new successes.

It will be interesting to see how this hiring process for Coinbase will turn out. There is no doubt regarding the potential of most people in the Bitcoin ecosystem, but finding the right people for the job is still a difficult task. That being said, it is a welcome change to see Coinbase move away from the more “traditional” hiring process.

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