Coinbase Enables Credit and Debit Card Bitcoin and Ether Purchases from Australian Customers

Coinbase, The Digital Assets Company, is now accepting credit and debit card bitcoin purchases from Australian Customers. The company has been looking to expand its operations in new countries.

The company has announced in their corporate blog the inclusion of Ethereum and Bitcoin buying services to Australian customers:

We’re focused on creating an open financial system for the world, allowing people to easily buy and sell digital currencies anywhere in the world. Along with this launch in Australia, we are also making the ETH/BTC trading pair available on our professional trading platform GDAX to customers in Australia.

The decision, however, does not include the selling of cryptocurrencies –only purchases will be enabled for Australian customers, the company has not disclosed when or if the platform will support Bitcoin/Ethereum selling.

Coinbase has been one of the leading Bitcoin startups, the company has served more than 4 million customers and its vaults holds a massive amount of Bitcoins.

The digital assets venture recently announced its support for Ethereum purchases, extending its reach to a wider community of cryptocurrency users.

It remains to be seen if the digital currency venture will significantly expand its business to more countries, as the company recently had to stop servicing customers from Canada.

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