CoinArch Looks To Make A Splash In The Chinese Bitcoin Derivative Market

China is one of those financial markets where every financial product, service or technology wants to get a foothold. However, doing exactly that is not as easy as one might think, as the Chinese government is not too keen on financial solutions that come from outside of the country. Bitcoin has made an impact in China as it is seeing tremendous volume across Chinese exchanges, and the derivative based Bitcoin trading platform CoinArch has expanded their business in that direction as well.

Expanding one’s business to China is not as straightforward as you might think, simply because of the aforementioned reason. However, once your platform starts getting a lot of interest from potential Chinese customers, the story changes dramatically, and because of that increased interest from the Chinese community, CoinArch CEO Jeremy Glaros decided to try and make a splash in the Chinese market.

“We have received a lot of interest from the Chinese market and are really excited about the opportunity. We have appointed bitcoin specialist, Eric Mu, as Head of Business Development to lead the project”.

CoinArch is a Singapore-based company, and their online trading platform brings some innovative trading options to the world of Bitcoin and digital currency. With a combined 25 years of experience in the world of finance and trading, the CoinArch team has managed to combine industry leading products with the power of Bitcoin, one of the most disruptive threats to the current financial ecosystem as we know it.

One of the main reasons for CoinArch’s overwhelming success ever since the company’s inception can be attributed to their wide suite of available tools, which are tailored to the needs of both experienced traders and Bitcoin enthusiasts alike. Needless to say, combining both worlds is not an easy task, but CoinArch apparently managed to pull it off.

However, offering a useful service that is user friendly is only part of the job, as the CoinArch team has to keep adding new features over time. In doing so, the company has managed to score several “world’s first”, such as their reverse convertible investment product for Bitcoin, called CoinArch Maximizer.

Regardless of what the fiat markets decide to do – rise, decline or remain flat -, CoinArch’s products allow for their users to profit in every scenario. Up to 10x leverage can be achieved in both rising and falling fiat markets by using CoinArch Booster. The aforementioned CoinArch Maximizer is a proven success during flat periods in the fiat markets, and users can either earn a high rate of interest or purchase bitcoin at a discounted price.

Jeremy Glaros told BTCFeed;

“Unlike some alternative bitcoin trading products, our leverage products are not subject to scale backs meaning you retain 100% of the profits you earn in all market conditions. This is a huge differentiator in the bitcoin trading arena. We are proud of our offering and are thrilled that our customers have responded so positively to it. Our goal now is to build the next generation of bitcoin‑linked products to open up new ways for participants in the bitcoin space to manage their risks and tailor their returns,.


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