Coen Brothers to Tell The Tale of Ross Ulbricht in Upcoming Silk Road Movie

For all of the bad press associated with the darknet these days, one would almost forget there is much more to this concept than illegal activity. Silk Road, the marketplace that put Bitcoin on the map as a global currency, has been subject to significant debate over the years. However, the Coen Brothers want to tell the real tale of Silk Road and Ross Ulbricht through their Dark Web movie adaptation.

An Hommage To Ross Ulbricht, Or Spreading More False Information?

Anything related to Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies has become a hot topic among visual content creators as of late. Various TV shows and even some movies have Bitcoin references in them, albeit always in a negative or criminal manner. That is rather aggravating, considering that Bitcoin is the only true global currency that can be used for just about anything.

While it is true that Bitcoin started gaining momentum once people on the deep web started using it as a currency, that does not mean cryptocurrency is only used for illicit purposes. In fact, Silk Road, the famous darknet marketplace that put Bitcoin on the map, was nothing more than a free market for goods and services.

Ever since Silk Road was shut down by law enforcement officials, there has been substantial debate regarding the investigative methods being used. Moreover, it looks more and more like Ross Ulbricht was imprisoned due to evidence that makes him look like something or someone he never was. The Hollywood Reporter, for example, still refers to him as a murderous kingpin, even though he never actually killed or had anyone killed.

Now that the Coen Brothers have taken on this project by US TV channel Fox, it will be interesting to see what story this film will try to tell. The darknet is only known for its bad reputation, and one can only hope that this film will try to put a different spotlight on the matter. Keeping in mind how the majority of the script revolves around Ross Ulbricht, one can additionally hope that they stick to the facts and not what the media has made people believe over the years.

Having such prominent people working on this film is a blessing in disguise, as this will not, most likely, be another C- movie adaptation of corporate media agendas. There is a big difference between darknet’s reason for existance and how it is actually being used. Technology is not biased, nor is Bitcoin as a payment method. The only biased parties are the people using these tools, either for legal or illicit purposes.

So far there is no official release date for this darknet film. We do know that it will be broadcasted on Fox at some point in the near future, but further specifics are hard to come by. One thing is sure though: many bitcoin enthusiasts will watch this movie, and they won’t shy away from voicing their opinion if they do not agree with the story the film will tell.

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