Chinese Hot Dog Stand Owner Accused of Selling Dog Meat to Customers

We have all heard the stories of how Chinese chefs use dog meat into culinary creations. While there is some truth to those statements, those “culinary dishes” are mainly limited to China itself. However, one man in New York was effectively selling hot dogs containing real dog meat. Xi Ping Chow was arrested not too long ago.

Hot Dogs Shouldn’t Contain Dog Meat

The term “hot dog” may have gotten lost in translation for Xi Ping Chow. The Chinese immigrant allegedly made hot dogs containing actual dog meat. He used stray dogs in the area as a main source of ingredients for future hot dog sales. This entire story broke thanks to an anonymous tip received by New York City food inspectors. It is good tto know horrible events such as these are ended swiftly.

From the information we have received, it does not appear Chow killed the stray dogs himself. Instead, he scoured the streets for dead stray dogs in the dumpsters of the Animal Care Centers spread through New York City.  These dead animals should not have been left in publicly accessible dumpsters in the first place. It was only a matter of time until someone would use dead dogs – or other animals – as a way to make food.

The entire Chow family has to answer some very tough questions. Sixteen other family members are also under investigation for similar crimes. Considering they all volunteered at different Animal Care Centers in the area, it is not hard to put two and two together. There seems to be a direct correlation between these volunteers and the hot dog business Xi Ping Chow was running.

While it may be hard to say no to a free source of ingredients to sell popular food, this should never have happened. Chow’s lawyer is unaware of any hard evidence regarding the sales of dog meat. Even if there were, he feels this is all a “cultural misunderstanding.” However, it was planned well, which indicates this is more than just a cultural difference.

There are rumors regarding a rival hot dog stand owner who wants to put Chow out of business once and for all. While it seems the Chow hot dog stand was doing exceptionally well, we cannot be certain their competition disliked the Chow family enough to accuse them of this. If dog meat is used to make hot dogs, the arrest is more than warranted. Not to mention the health risks associated with selling dog meat that was scavenged from dumpsters.

New York law prohibits any residents from butchering or slaughtering domesticated dogs or cats to create food or meat products for human and/or animal consumption. If there is any credible evidence to show Chow did exactly that, he may face a severe jail sentence. Considering how his hot dog stand has been in operation for 18 years, who knows how many hot dogs containing dog meat he sold to customers.