Chinese Blockchain Firm Gets Blacklisted for Exporting Problematic Coronavirus Face Masks

Many blockchain firms and projects try to gain relevance during the coronavirus crisis. One blockchain firm in China can no longer sell medical supplies by order of the government.

Companies are scrambling to play their part during the coronavirus pandemic.

Blockchain Firm in China Gets Blacklisted

That is often much easier said than done, however.

Blockchain firms usually become of relevance due to their technical expertise and infrastructure.

For Tus Data Asset in Beijing, that situation is a bit different.

The company has gotten on the radar of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.

Allegedly, the company is now blacklisted for exporting problematic masks used to fight the spreading of the coronavirus.

It is also the first blockchain tech firm to face this situation in China.

Based on how things are going, it may not be the last either.

Globally, there have been numerous batches involving faulty face masks, most of which originate out of China.

Whether or not other blockchain firms in the country partake in the production of these items, remains somewhat unclear.

Considering how China wants to go all-in on blockchain, developments like this are very problematic.

That also explains why Tus Data Asset has been officially blacklisted.

It is unclear if that decisions may be overturned in the future, albeit that seems rather unlikely.