Chicago Welcomes Two New 24/7 Bitcoin ATMs

When it comes to finding a Bitcoin ATM near you, some locations are overflowing with these machines, whereas other areas have no BTMs in the vicinity. Chicago seems to be quite the hotbed of digital currency activity lately, as four new Bitcoin ATms have been installed in the region lately. This brings the total to 24, according to some sources.

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RockItCoin Adds More Bitcoin ATMs


It does not happen often more than one Bitcoin ATM is deployed in any city at any given time. RockItCoin, one of the many Bitcoin ATM providers in the world today, recently installed four additional devices in the Chicago area. Two of these machines will be accessible 24/7, which will greatly help boost Bitcoin adoption.

Depending which source one might be using, the number of Bitcoin ATMs installed in Chicago can vary by quite a bit. One Reddit user makes mention of how there should be no less than 24 Bitcoin ATMs in the Chicago area – a number confirmed by CoinATMRadar – whereas the LocalBitcoins page says there are only two.

This brings up the question as to why there are so many Bitcoin ATMs in the Chicago area. Granted, the city hosted an Inside Bitcoins event in 2015, which may have spurred some interest in the concept of digital currency. Plus, the city is home to the Chicago Bitcoin Center, which acts as a meeting place for Bitcoin enthusiasts.

One thing people tend to forget is how the city of Chicago is about so much more than sports, events, or the wind. Chicago has a rich history of financial technology innovation, and Bitcoin seems to fit that picture very well. Furthermore, the blockchain will be of great value to all people on this planet as well, and there is a growing interest in the technology .

Keeping this information in mind, it will come as no surprise to find out the Chicago Bitcoin Meetup group is one of the largest in the world. With over 720 members – at the time of publication – there is no sign of waning interest in the concept of Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

The 24/7 Bitcoin ATM is Here

TheMerkle_24/7 Bitcoin ATMs

As we touched upon in an earlier article, very few Bitcoin ATMs in the world can be accessed on a 24/7 basis. Out of the four machines recently installed by articlearticle, very few Bitcoin ATMs in the world can be accessed on a 24/7 basis. Out of the four machines recently installed by RockItCoin, two devices can be accessed at all times, which is a welcome trend. The first of these machines, manufactured by Genesis Coin, is located at Food N Fuel, 19420 Harlem Avenue, Frankfort, IL. There is a US$2500 daily limit in place per user, and this machine can only be used to purchase Bitcoin, not to sell the digital currency.

The other 24/7 Bitcoin ATM is located at Lenny’s Gas N Go on 174 W Court Street, Kankakee, IL. Similar to the other device, this Genesis Coin Bitcoin ATM has a US$2,500 daily limit, and will only be usable to convert fiat currency to Bitcoin. Both will be welcome additions to the list of Bitcoin ATMs all over the world, as more and more consumers want access to these devices on a 24/7 basis.

Source: Reddit

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