Changelly vs ShapeShift

When it comes to buying or exchanging cryptocurrencies, a lot of people rely on exchanges. However, there are a few services that allow users to convert cryptocurrency in a far more convenient manner. Changelly and ShapeShift are two of the most popular services in this regard, and they both provide a valuable service. That does not mean both platforms are alike, though.

2. Changelly

The Changelly service was first announced on Bitcointalk on April 12 of 2016. This particular service is operated by the MinerGate team and offers an intuitive cryptocurrency exchange. Changelly has ties to the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges to provide enough liquidity for all customer orders. The platform offers crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto exchanges services to users from all over the world.

Platforms such as Changelly can only make a name for themselves if they provide enough convenience. Buying bitcoin or any of other support cryptocurrencies can be done through a VISA or MasterCard, as long as the value is denominated in either US Dollar or Euro. Speaking of which, the Changelly platform supports many different cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, NXT, Ripple, and a wide variety of other altcoins.

What makes this service – as well as Shapeshift – so appealing is how there is no need to register an account. Users simply enter the amount of currency they want to exchange for another one and complete the transaction. There is a 0.5% commission for crypto-to-crypto trades to take into account, though. That said, there are seemingly no transaction limits, which effectively removes the need for centralized exchanges altogether.

1. ShapeShift

Most enthusiasts looking for a direct crypto-to-crypto exchange platform will automatically think of ShapeShift. It has to be said, this company has made quite a name for itself over the past few years. Having a solid reputation in the cryptocurrency world can go a long way, and ShapeShift is seemingly checking all of the right boxes in this department. ShapeShift was founded in 2013 and received a US$525, 000 investments in March of 2015.

It is worth noting ShapeShift has a comprehensive list of any fees associated with transactions. Miner fees are paid by the customer, yet the actual exchange between currencies takes place without additional cost. Users may notice ShapeShift has transaction limits, yet it is possible to increase deposit amounts by using the “specific amount box”. This specific feature was added in September of 2015, as there are always users who want to work with much higher limits.

Similarly to how Changelly operates, ShapeShift does not require users to create an account before they can start trading. However, it is worth noting the company makes all other collected information public. While that is no particular reason for concern, it is something to keep in mind for privacy-oriented cryptocurrency users  Since this information doesn’t include an email address, name or location, there is very little info to share in the first place.

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  • nasssssh

    I sent thousands of dollars worth of XMR today to Changelly and it is
    saying awaiting payment. No reply from support I have posted on reddit
    and bitcointalk when they fix it I will update my comment. Beware.

    EDIT 09/04/17: My friend said the payment came through, I haven’t heard back from support but the payment has gone through it was a large payment in excess of $7000 USD. So the issue is resolved, if you are thinking about using Changelly then go ahead they are not a scam but I guess there is limited support at weekends. Better than my ShapeShift support experience. 10/10. I have updated all my comments on Reddit too.

    • Dear Nash, here is CEO of Changelly. Great to know that you’ve got funds. It was an issue with Monero wallet, sorry for that. We are going to improve our support to provide better service for you. Thanks for your feedback update!

      • Chandima Herath

        Dear Konstantin, I have complain about your company service and please resolve my issue addressed in below.

  • Chandima Herath

    Update after 39 hours –

    Finally I found way to contact them via someone who had issue with Changelly service.He said they reply for twitter messages and he was right. Someone from @Changelly_team went through my issues and said they received my PIVX and exchanged to LISK ,they got converted LISK and he said they having issues with PIVX wallet too.

    But, as a trader time is very important to me and now more than 39 hours and still I’m waiting.If they mentioned this issue in the beginning I never exchanged my PIVX. I explained to them because of this waiting I lost money too and I asked from them ” will you pay my lost??” answer was sorry. They said they can’t do anything about it.

    Also they said if they can’t fix this issue they will contact me after 24 hours. just think about now more than 39 hours ,another 24 hours mean more than 2 days will take to complete this transection.

    When they fix it I will update my comment.

    • Dear Chandima, our support team gave you the clear explanation on the issue in less than 24 hours after your request. Your PIVx was exchanged to LISK at the best available rate, once we got confirmation of your payment in blockchain. You’ve seen the transaction status – sending money. Unfortunately we’ve experienced unpredictable issue with LISK blockchain, our wallet was out of sync. I know that even the biggest exchange service Poloniex and many others experienced the same issue. We’ve delayed payment, we apologies for that. In about 30 hours LISK developers team has released patch. We’ve quickly updated our wallet and sent you LISK. I know that you’ve got it, all is clear in Blockchain. Hope that make sense.

  • Andrew N.

    Terrible experience on goin with changelly. Basically they have 5k worth f my coin they have been holding for almost a month in “processing”. Feels pretty scammy

  • Andrew N.

    ” Dear Andrew,
    > We are extremely sorry for this incorrect message you received from us.
    > You mixed up ETH and ETC addresses. Only one difference between ETC and ETH
    > is in their blockchains. Generally it’s the same coin with the same wallets.
    > In this case your transaction is now in the blockchain of ETH, because you
    > have created a transaction of ETH instead of ETC.
    > We will make a refund to you in nearest time!
    > Please, in next time be very attentively.
    > Sincerely,
    > Changelly support team

    On Fri, 28 Apr at 4:20 PM ” <———- haha with the time. fricken comedians these guys

    On Fri, 28th Apr at 4:20 PM , Changelly
    > wrote:
    > Dear Andrew,
    > “Your transaction is successfully finished. Please, check your wallet.
    > Also you may check your transaction with this hash:
    > …………….
    > Sincerely,
    > Changelly support team ”


    On Fri, Apr 21, 2017 at AM, Changelly
    >> wrote:
    >>> Thank you for information provided. We have accepted your issue and have
    >>> now
    >>> forwarded it for processing to our technical specialists. We will get
    >>> back
    >>> to you as soon as we can.
    >>> Hope for your patience


    • Andrew N.

      needless to say…real professional

  • MrPuzzleBox

    The very 1st day I used Poloniex (Changelly partner) the website went down right as I was updating a STOP. The change order did nothing when I submitted it other than an endlessly rotating “processing circle”. 90 seconds later I was down over $1000 below where I would have been had the STOP processed as written. I’m not impressed. If Poloniex doesn’t take aggressive steps to serve traders during peak demand then I will guarantee that regulators will step in. From a regulator standpoint: Delays on floating trades are often calculated attempts to game the system. Sometimes it’s simple greed. Other times is robbing Peter to pay Paul. Both scenarios reflect extremely poorly on the exchange. I understand the concept of peak demand on a network. The liability will eventually fall on the exchange management and a regulator will ask the question: “What steps did you take during peak demand to dynamically limit unnecessary data from being transmitted in order to maintain essential data flow to the end-point?”. And that answer had better be precise.

  • Radek

    LIES !!! 1 xmr market 28$ on @Changelly_team 38$ !!!!! its robbery on sunny day!!!!!????

  • Adrian Sindile

    I have used Changelly in the past and I generally had a good experience every time. This comment was supposed to be negative but by the time I wrote it I had to modify it since the transaction got processed! 🙂

  • Jd Johnson

    Having same problem with Changelly. 2 transactions w/ “awaiting payment” msg. One of them is approx 18hrs old, other 2-3hrs +/-. On top of that, what is this USDT crap. REALLY?!?! I can’t get back to native currency w/out a bunch of crypto-gymnastics. Now 4 the big close… Clearly positioning is critical in this market and time is the only weapon you have to exploit it or save your arse, so that being said. Who takes it in the keister when a position I intended to close 18-24hrs ago is still “awaiting payment”. I mean I’m a reasonable guy and its possible it’s my error, but come on now…. I haven’t had any problem navigating other exchanges, which are considerably more complicated. Now, all the sudden: Poof, I’m a bunny rabbit, slathered in bbq sauce, wandering aimlessly deep in the dark forest & we all know this won’t end well. Cheers Changelly

    • Sommer Sherwood

      Lol thanks for that odd visual ?

  • TunaFish

    Changelly is very fidgety. Sometimes it takes hours to complete a transaction and rate fluctuation often causes massive losses. In crypto world, time is money since a few extra minutes can be the difference between profit and loss.

    ShapeShift in comparison is highly reliable. It just works. Never heard anyone complain about ShapeShift. It’s super fast too. If ShapeShift can remove the exchange limits, they can truly demolish the competition.

  • anonymous

    Changelly is a huge gamble for you. They could give two rips about your patronage. The last two transactions I have done with them have taken a really long time (Days). The first was 11 ETH and it took a day and a half. The next is 1 ETH exchanged, and it is still in the “exchanging” mode, 4 days later, meanwhile the rates are changing. Their Customer Service are worthless. They take at least 24 hours to respond and when they do, they state in general terms. “We are currently having difficulties with our partner and it should be resolved soon” or something similarly worthless. They are no help at all. I suggest you use a different exchange like “Shapeshift” if you don’t want to lose your funds.