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Check out this new sinister dubstep track by NFBGANG aka needforbeans. Inspired by samples from Splice, specifically the Bandlez: Bag of Bass Vol.1. This beat was made entirely in FL Studio. FL Keys was used for the piano intro, followed by Sytrus which was used to modulate the wobbly bass. Mastering was done via Maximus set on the Clean Master RMS preset. If you like this type of music or …
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Algorithmic Yield Farming

Decentralized Finance (Defi) remains a crypto buzzword and hot topic. Despite its unwavering and unstaggering popularity. Its growth doesn’t appear to decline nor wane. Every day we continuously see new projects come out to service different sections of the decentralized finance movement. All of which are gearing towards one goal: the increase in overall usage and mass adoption to the benefits of both the users and the entire ecosystem. Two …
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