Casascius Bitcoin Bowl Coin Commemorates First Professional Bitcoin Sports Event

Bitcoin collectibles are not just great stocking stuffers, but they also make for interesting memorabilia. One of the most commemorative collectibles comes in the form of a physical Bitcoin coin. While there are several types of physical Bitcoins in existence, one of the most renowned names is Casascius.

Casascius physical Bitcoins have been in circulation for several years now, and are always made in very limited quantities. Mike Caldwell, the person behind the Casascius coins, started in this venture in 2011, when he released the Original series 1 BTC coins. Over the years, we have seen several iterations of these items coin hit the market, produced in brass, silver, gold-plated alloy, gold-plated bars, and even a 1 oz. gold coin.


What made these coins so awesome from the get go was the fact each coin came loaded with  e amount of Bitcoin they represented. For example, the Original series 1 BTC coin had an actual balance of 1 Bitcoin, tied to the private key which is embedded inside the coin and protected by a tamper-evident hologram.

Unfortunately, Mike Caldwell suspended sales of items containing digital Bitcoins as of November 27th,2013. All of the items for sale on his own webshop do not contain a Bitcoin balance tied to the private key. However, that doesn’t make these coins less valuable in my opinion, as they are still extremely awesome collectibles.

Fast forward to a few days ago, and we were presented to the only Casascius coin to be created in 2014. With a limited supply of only 2,000; of which an unknown amount will not be put up for sale; a Casascius coin commemorating the upcoming Bitcoin Bowl in St. Petersburg was created.

The Casascius Bitcoin Bowl coin is a 1-ounce limited edition fine silver medallion commemorating the first professional sporting event under the banner of Bitcoin. On the front, we see the traditional Casascius® design, with the St. Petersburg Bitcoin Bowl logo to be found on the back.

Several parts of the Casascius Bitcoin Bowl coin have been adorned with gold plating : the polished rim, the Bitcoin B on the front of the coin and the Bowl logo itself. All in all, this is a very beautiful looking coin which is a must)have for Bitcoin enthusiasts, regardless of whether you are a sports fan or not.

Customers can order the Casascius Bitcoin Bowl coin for US$100 (excluding shipping) here :

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