Carnegie Mellon Agrees to Using Massive MKR Donation for DApp Research

Advancing development and growth in the blockchain industry is crucial. A recent MKR contribution to Carnegie Mellon will spur further research of dApps and protocols.

Further growth of blockchain technology requires attracting more developers and coders.

Massive MKR Donation to Carnegie Mellon

One way of doing so is by offering a “grant” of sorts.

Carnegie Mellon University recently received a 3,200 MKR donation, worth $1.32 million.

This money will be utilized to create a new research unit.

That unit will focus on decentralized applications and protocols, as well as game-theoretic mechanisms. 

More details regarding the exact plan of action will be unveiled fairly soon.

A further 6,800 MKR will be donated over the next 1-3 years.

In total, the research fund will have over $4.2 million in funds to sponsor research and development.

Given the increase in patent filing regarding blockchain and associated technologies, something needs to be done to protect the web3 development space.

Moreover, there are still plenty of regions where major progress can be achieved in the future. 

Particularly scaling and game theory are of great interest in this regard.

For Maker, this is a prominent development that provides a lot of good karma.

It also highlights the value of MKR and how it can help fund the R&D of this industry.