Cannabis for Connoisseurs: Budbo Blockchain Produces Higher Quality Cannabis Products

If you cannot decide which of the over 300 strains of marijuana  to buy, the ‘Budbo app’ will not only help you, but its powerful data analytics engine gets smarter every time you use it. This improves the quality and efficacy of the cannabis you use. Over 100,000 users are contributing data via the app launched in 2016.

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The popular app curates different types of cannabis products for users, including strains, edibles and concentrates. You choose what effects you want from your cannabis—pain relief, relaxation, creativity, and so on.  Budbo determines which strains have the properties you desire and automatically generates a list of dispensaries where your preferred cannabis is sold.  Meanwhile, Budbo is collecting valuable market intelligence by having you ‘Puff’ or ‘Pass’ as you explore the various strains being offered.

This market intelligence will be shared by Budbo with market researchers, growers, labs, product developers and dispensers, to help them better understand the preferences, trends and demographics of the markets they deal in.

Budding Cannabis Connoisseurs

While some recreational users are connoisseurs of the quality of their pot, others are less choosy. For those who use cannabis as an alternative treatment for pain, mental illness (PTSD, depression) or other conditions, obtaining the right quality and strain (THC/CBD ratio) is of paramount importance. Also choosing an appropriate CBD product from an authentic source is necessary. For more understanding of the company service you may search for a review of Verma Farms.

Dispensary Sold Cannabis is valued for its low side effects and lack of synthetic drugs. In fact, unlike painkillers, depressants and other drugs, cannabis has been associated with no deaths on record. Maintaining and improving the quality of cannabis products is key to expanding its uses. A pure product is an important marketing point, but like all drugs some cannabis has been found to have illegal or unreported ingredients.

How do you know if your cannabis is really ‘homegrown’? Knowing where your hemp comes from is paramount to guaranteeing its quality and efficacy. China, where half the world’s hemp is cultivated, is also a major exporter of ‘no name’ drugs. Some of these drugs have been found to have illegal ingredients.

The blockchain provides a trackable and unchangeable record of transactions for the cannabis industry. Budbo makes all facets of cannabis production and sales fully transparent and traceable utilizing smart contracts on Budbo’s immutable ledger. GPS-tracking identifies the origin of products and ensures they are delivered on time. Within this tokenized cannabis market accessible by the Budbo Token, all industry participants are able to more efficiently share data and leverage Budbo’s aggregated cannabis market intelligence.

A Global Hemp Community

The Budbo blockchain is the first industry supply chain to track the cannabis life cycle on a global scale. Over time, the data intelligence provided by Budbo will contribute to more defined product categories and branded products—the Tylenol and Prozac of pot for example.  Budbo makes cannabis consumers part of this market data gathering and thus product development through its Budbo mobile app, which collects thousands of data points on cannabis usage, preferences and trends.

Unlike traditional drug development, in the Budbo ecosystem cannabis users are not merely guinea pigs who are eventually served up a pill—a black box of sorts. On the Budbo blockchain, which is essentially a scalable and transparent database, the test results for THC and CBC levels, growing processes, strain profiles and other statistics are available to all community members, not only big industry players. This safer, more inclusive way of developing drugs should produce better drug outcomes. Treatment outcomes for depression and PTSD, as well as many other conditions, will also be made available on the digital ledger.

The Budbo ICO

As a holder of Budbo tokens, you can vote on how this new self-governing community operates, including which decentralized applications to develop. The currency of exchange in the Budbo blockchain community is the Budbo token ($BUBO). A total of 150 million tokens are currently for sale. The price, starting at $0.025 increases over five tiers, so early birds will gain cheaper access to the global cannabis market.