Canadian Vending Machines Will Support Apple Pay Soon

Many people see Bitcoin as the answer to mobile payment struggles all over the world. However, Apple Pay should not be discounted either, as the company is now coming to Canadian vending machines. It would be great to use cryptocurrency when purchasing something from a vending machine, but that seems a dream for now.

Apple Pay And Canadian Vending Machines

It comes as a surprise to learn the Canadian National Vending Alliance has agreed to partner with PayRange to offer mobile payments. Vending machines are traditionally known for only accepting cash payments, albeit some countries experimented with payment cards in the past.

This news results in all of the coalition’s vending machines added support for mobile payments shortly. One of the supported options will be Apple Pay, which is an interesting choice. So far, most Apple Pay users tend to forget they can use mobile payments to begin with, and it remains to be seen if this move will boost the adoption of Apple Pay in Canada.

Eligible vending machine operators will be glad to hear they will no longer need to worry about the hassle of installing card readers and supporting network connections. All that is needed is the BluKey dongle, which auto-installs itself in mere seconds. Users can then make mobile payments through the PayRange mobile application.

CNVA President Steve Tremblay told the media:

“The CNVA prides itself on addressing the needs of consumers and with more people becoming increasingly cashless, we realized we needed a mobile payment solution to bring to all our machines. With the PayRange platform, we’re able to provide consumers with greater choice not only in how to pay, but also in what they can purchase from the machines as they are no longer constrained by the change in their pockets.”  

As these vending machines will now support mobile payments, it is not unlikely users will be able to spend Bitcoin some day. It all depends on whether or not PayRange decides to implement cryptocurrency support in the future. With projects such as Plutus integrating NFC capability for cryptocurrency payments, that may only be a matter of time.

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