California may Face an Extra 60,000 Novel Coronavirus Cases in the Next 8 Weeks

In California, the novel coronavirus crisis is only gettingĀ  started. Some officials are convinced how the homeless population may face up to 60,000 infections over the coming weeks.

It is uncanny how often people overlook the homeless population during a crisis like this.

California Faces a new Coronavirus Threat

In fact, they may prove to be one of the bigger “hubs” of novel coronavirus activity in the near future.

Especially in California, there are some concerns as to what the future may hold.

In fact, there is a chance that over 60,000 homeless people will contract the novel coronavirus in the coming weeks.

If this “doom scenario” comes to pass, it will put a severe strain on the local healthcare system.

Even if the homeless scenario doesn’t come to pass, it is evident that the demand for extra hospital beds won’t slow down.

Current models seem to indicate that up to 108,000 unsheltered Californians are on the streets.

Most of these individuals are in a weakened physical state, which can be problematic when they contract the novel coronavirus.

While the projections aren’t promising, there is no indication that these events will come true.

That being said, it is always worth it to keep an eye on what the future may hold and prepare for the worst regardless.