Buy a 3D printer with Bitcoin


2014 Has been a very interesting year filled with new and disruptive technologies being made available to consumers. 3D Printing has proven to be one of the hottest trend of the past year, and that trend is likely to carry on through 2015. Bitcoin has been a disruptive form of payment for a few years now, and it looks like both of these technologies are coming together, thanks to ISG3D.

ISG3D is a Canadian-based 3D printing store, where you can purchase 3D printers, PLA Filaments and 3D printed parts & objects. Besides a physical presence, IGS3D also offers 3D printing services for online users, including providing a technical draw of the idea, creating a 3D model in STL format, and print out customer designs.

One of the most interesting aspects of ISG3D’s service is the fact they can work on 3D modeling for any kind of object, regardless of its size. Even though the maximum print size is 18  cm x 18 cm x 18 cm, customers can submit their ideas and/or drawings, along with as many details as they possibly can, to ISG3D in order to obtain a full 3D model.


The reason for this article is about ISG3D working on their very own 3D printers, of which a first prototype has been created, starting out with a Pruse i3. While the “ISG 11” is the very first model ever built by ISG3D, it looks pretty solid judging by the images we have received. The main difference between the ISG 11 and the Pruse i3 comes in the form of a different heatbed, custom built frames, and so forth.

This is where 3D printing and Bitcoin come together, as ISG3D is selling the ISG 11 on their online store, and they are accepting Bitcoin as a payment option. The price for your very own 3D printer is US$773.11 excluding taxes, and US$889.07 including taxes. Do keep in mind the difference between both prices is calculated based on the tax percentage of Quebec, Canada.

Note from the author : is accepting bitcoin on everything in the store.


When ordering your very own ISG 11, you can choose between white, black, red, green, yellow or blue as a color. As far as shipping costs go, there are no additional costs according to their website. Depending on whether you are in Canada (4 working days), the US (7-14 business days) or Europe (10-20 business days), delivery times may vary. There is also talk about an ISGPayCoin which will be ready in 2015:

For the moment, only the ISG 11 and the ISG 730 are on the item list that you can buy with Bitcoins. More items will be added in the next months. ISGPayCoin will be officially ready in the first quarter of 2015. Thank you for your patience.

The ISG 11 can print objects up to 20cm x 20cm x 18cm, and has a printer volume of 42cm x 42 cm x 46 cm. The filament used for this 3D printer is 1.75 ABS/PLA filament, and one spool of black PLA filament is included in every order.

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