Business Leaders Look to Leverage Aitheon Technology

Enabling business to incorporate the use of machine robots, autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicles and a wide range of sensors within its solutions is proving to be an attractive offer for many companies. Aitheon executives believe that connecting with the broadest array of devices, from many manufacturers, improves the flexibility and value of the platform and helps drive adoption for the end customer.

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This idea has caught the attention of the global marketplace. Aitheon founder and CEO Andrew Archer are very pleased with the global interest that the Aitheon platform is attracting. These early and positive signs are good for the confidence of the CEO, who firmly believes that the future of business solutions lies with the complete integration of artificial intelligence with humans and robots working in unison for a common goal.


India-based Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited(IL&FS) is one of the world’s leading infrastructure development and finance companies. IL&FS and Aitheon recently met to discuss the implementation of automated systems for a variety of applications. With operations in the USA, Middle East, and Asia, the cooperation looks to be mutually beneficial to all involved. Aitheon and IL&FS will look to jointly service clients with fully automated robotic material handling and storage solutions. This partnership could also allow for businesses running on the platform to be financed by IL&FS. Also in India, Aitheon has entered into agreements with Kaynes Technology for manufacturing services, where Aitheon has co-located its offices.


Aitheon recently met with executives from the Washington D.C. based World Bank, regarding possible uses of the Aitheon token and integration of payments using the AIC cryptocurrency. Leaders at SAP, one of the world’s top suppliers of business software solutions, discussed a possible partnership that would see the two platforms communicating and sharing data. Integrating with established high-profile companies is a modus operandi that is sure to raise the profile of Aitheon in North America.

Profile and awareness raising is very important, particularly at this stage along the roadmap, however, Aitheon also recognizes the importance of partnering with smaller perhaps more dynamic ventures. Their executives also in talks with California based, Next Future Transportation, Inc.Next Future is a pioneering new transportation solution with autonomous transportation pods. The two companies are discussing the integration of Next’s driverless vehicles within the Aitheon platform to leverage the flexibility of human command and control to boost their technology.


Remaining in the technology breakthrough arena, Aitheon is exploring the integration of Decibel.LIVE’s devices on the Aitheon platform. This will make the technology available to Aitheon users and continue to widen the awareness of the Decibel.LIVE’s array of noise-based instruments. Decible.Live has created a cutting-edge noise monitoring program that joins real-time sensor data with blockchain-based smart contracts to produce open, provable results and instant payment direct to impacted parties.


The Microsoft Technology Center in Dubai is keen to discuss possible synergies between the Aitheon platform and Microsoft back-office solutions. Dialogue has been opened with a pioneering Dubai-based company to incorporate new types of safe sound-based payment services. The company offers payment solutions that use sound waves to enable offline, proximity-based, protected and speedy contactless payments through the blockchain.

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