BTC-Management Is A Money Laundering Platform With No Ties To Bitcoin

BTC-Management is a service all cryptocurrency enthusiasts should avoid. This Polish company seems to be deliberately targeting novice Bitcoin users, and they have set up their site not to be indexed by Google. A lot of fishy things are going on with this company, to say the least.

Why No One Should Care About BTC-Management

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Although some people may be swayed by the term “BTC” in BTC-Management, this platform should be avoided at all costs. However, this Polish company has allegedly been around since 2004 which is well before Bitcoin came around in the first place. But that is not the fishy part about this business, as a lot is going on behind the scenes that should never see the light of day.

For starters, very few people have heard of this company up until this point. That is quite strange for a business dealing in finance since 2004, but people will a very hard time coming up with any results in Google. That is only normal because the site is coded in such a way Google will never index the platform in its results. Quite a strange decision for any business looking to attract new customers, wouldn’t you agree?

The domain name is also registered to someone in California, while the business address is in Poland. Every company website in the financial world is usually registered in the company name and address, which makes BTC-Management stand out by quite a margin. Hosting for the site, on the other hand, is done through an Australian company.

Speaking of the platform being around for several years now, that does not seem to be the case either. WHOIS records show the domain was registered in February of 2016, which does not make the company several years old. But that is not the most disconcerting part, as they are actively looking to hire staff who will “carry out venture investments for clients” on their behalf.

Based on the information provided by one Reddit user, it appears BTC-Management is looking to hire staff laundering money through fake or stolen checks. Once a check is deposited and clear, the employee has to send funds to other people. However, the checks will bounce eventually, leaving the employee hanging and probably thrown in jail. Not the best business practice by any means, so avoid this company at all costs.

Source: Reddit

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