BTC-E Spike 5/30/14

spike on BTC-E 5/30/14



To The Moon

Arize chicken


If you are reading this right now and are trading on BTC-E this is an announcement that something big is currently happening. Either sell or buy before it’s too late because Bitcoin is on the move. Why is Bitcoin going up you might ask? checkout THIS article for one point of view. With all the good news, dish now accepting Bitcoin, Bitcoin making its appearance in Congress and the positive feedback from merchants the sky is the limit for Bitcoin. As a disclaimer the above is pure speculation and we are not responsible for whatever happens to your Bitcoins.

It seems as if Bitcoin came alive this month and big movements are happening. We have been on a semi-steady rise since 430 and it does not seem to be stopping just yet. The current spike seems steady and supported by huge volume so this looks like not just a regular pump but a legitimate rise!


We are preparing to hit 600 which is another emotional number. Once and if we hit 600 we should stay right about that line for some time and then the market will decide if its ready for another spike or if it needs time to refuel at 600. Keep an eye out on Bitcoin tonight you never know what might happen.