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Various Bitcoin faucets solely exist to keep users coming back to the website in the hopes of earning more income from them clicking the advertisements. This is one of the many reasons why newly launched Bitcoin faucets will pay out the first few times, and then withdrawals are stuck in pending all of a sudden. BTC Country used to pay out users on time, but it looks like things have taken a turn for the worse, without further explanation.

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TheMerkle_Bitcoin Faucet Scam BTC Country

On the surface, the BTC Country website looks to work as intended. The layout is easy enough to navigate – although it looks like very little design effort went into this platform to begin with – and there is even a tab with the latest Bitcoin news. Adding some content to keep users on the site while they are cycling between payout periods is a great way to ensure Bitcoin faucet traffic remains high at all times.

There are plenty of advertisements to be found on the BTC Country website, although none of them are annoying or in the way. It is a good thing to see website owners move away from pop-up advertising, and just stick to Google Adsense or dedicated Bitcoin ads. In fact, most people prefer those type of ads, as there might be something useful on display now and then.

What makes BTC Country rather annoying to use, however, is the fact users have to register an account before they can use the faucet. They can either create a username or enter their Bitcoin wallet address, and combine it with a password. More Bitcoin faucet platforms do not require registration, not even when they offer a variety of games to play. Definitely losing some points in this regard.

BTC Country has a dedicated advertising section as well by the look of things, as it is filled with links to different websites and platforms related to Bitcoin and digital currency. It is clear the website owner created this platform to earn a lot of money – who wouldn’t? – but has been a bit sloppy on the design and making better choices as to how to run this Bitcoin faucet.

To make matters even worse, there is a growing thread on Bitcointalk by people who have not received BTC Country payouts as of late. The first reports surfaced in 2015, but it looks like issues still have not been resolved. Bitcoin enthusiasts should steer away from BTC Country as far as they can, as this Bitcoin faucet is not paying funds to anyone.


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