Brexit Has No Significant Impact on Google Trends Bitcoin Searches

With the Brexit vote turning out the way most had expected, it is no surprise to find out Bitcoin hits Google Trends once again. Interestingly enough, the number of searches went up during the price rise, rather than when the Brexit results were coming in. All in all, the year 2016 has been quite successful for Bitcoin’s popularity to far.

Bitcoin Google Trends Dips Slightly

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Many people thought the number of Bitcoin searches on Google would go up as the Brexit vote drew nearer. The year 2016 has seen quite a significant interest in Bitcoin so far, with a peak near the beginning of May 2016. After flattening out for the remainder of the month, things started picking up again in June.

An unusual pattern becomes visible when looking at the graphs, though. There are different “tiers” of interest in Bitcoin during the month of June 2016, showing one initial dip followed by a second one in the past 48 hours. So far, it seems like the Brexit will not do much to affect the number of Bitcoin searches on Google.

BTC Google Trends 2016

That being said, there is a keen interest in Bitcoin originating from the UK, though. Albeit the chart has been pretty much flat the entire year – other than the huge spike in May of 2016 – it seems like the number of searches is slowly trending upwards once again. Despite this growing interest from the UK overall, it looks like certain countries are more keen on Bitcoin searches compared to others.

Interestingly enough, Northern Ireland is leading the charge when it comes to Bitcoin searches on Google. So far, there has been very little news regarding Bitcoin and another cryptocurrency in that region. In fact, it is doubtful Northern Ireland has a Bitcoin exchange of any sorts, although residents can buy from other UK exchanges if they want to.

BTC Google Trends UK 2016

England is in second place, showing a much bigger interest compared to Scotland and Wales. Not that this should really matter much,  as the United Kingdom is a front of common interest among these countries. That situation may change, though as there are concerns regarding Scotland bailing on the UK, and no one knows what both parts of Ireland will do moving forward.

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