Breadwallet Is Now A Cross-Platform Wallet Solution

The number of Bitcoin mobile wallets continues to grow, even though Breadwallet has been around for quite some time. Up until very recently, only iOS users could make use of this solution. But the developers have finally released the Android version for this wallet as well. Interested parties can download the wallet from Google Play.

Breadwallet Arrives On Android

It’s nice to see existing wallet solutions becoming available on multiple platforms as of late. Breadwallet, while a very popular solution, limited its potential by only being available to iOS users for several years. Now that Breadwallet is also available on Android, even more users can explore this offering.

The beta version of the Breadwallet Android version was released a while ago. By the look of things, the testing of this concept went particularly well, as it didn’t take the developers too long to release the public version. The developers hope to achieve a userbase of several million users in the future.

That may be a lot easier said than done, though, albeit Android has a major presence in the mobile market. Just because several million devices ship out on a yearly basis, does not mean they will all flock to Bitcoin over time. Having more options at one’s disposal is never a bad thing, though.

What makes this announcement even more exciting is how it took the developers two years to bring Breadwallet to Android. Thanks to Apple’s more strict security scrutiny when it comes to mobile apps, it was more convenient to focus on that marketplace alone.

However, the security enhancements included in Android Marshmallow have made the decision for the developers a lot easier. Private wallet keys are now better protected against physical attacks. Overall security is a critical factor when it comes to mobile cryptocurrency wallets.

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