Bolenum’s Project to Widen Cryptocurrency Adoption

It is always nice to see projects attempting to better the world they live in. This is especially nice because of the low adoption rate of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies on a global scale. A recent CryptoCoinNews interview went over the lack of Blockchain adoption in Africa, while pointing out the massive opportunities that reside on the continent because of that fact. One new project, Bolenum, is looking to start off there.

Bolenum identifies adoption issues

Though Bolenum has sights on an intercontinental project, the majority of their initial efforts appear to be in Africa. Their Whitepaper outlines the two main issues they feel have caused cryptocurrencies to see lower scale adoption than other parts of the world.

The first obstacle is one known all too well by all cryptocurrencies: lack of public awareness. Many just do not know about cryptocurrency, the Blockchain, or what it can provide. This could be because of a lack of cryptocurrency and blockchain evangelists, but also can be blamed on the lack of readily translated literature into local dialects.

The second problem is one that many in the western world have not really had to deal with: convertibility of funds. While every exchange takes Euros, United States Dollars, and Chinese Yuan, it is way less likely that these exchanges will take the Egyptian Pound, the Nigerian Naira, or the Moroccan Dirham. Without access to fiat exchanges to convert to more readily accepted currencies for crypto, individuals may be out of luck.

Bolenum’s Solution

They hope to provide solution to these issues at the first ethereum based token and exchange platform that aims to engender more participation in the cryptocurrency on the African continent.

The project’s token, BLN, aims to serve as a secure payment method, and also be able to protect wealth. These are Ether based tokens so they benefit from the speed and security of the Ethereum Blockchain.

The main perk that may help the project accomplish its goal is the fact that they will also be opening an exchange that will allow for BLN tokens to be traded for local currencies. This means that someone will be able to not only withdraw the value of their tokens into local currencies, but could give better access to the cryptosphere as a whole. If someone buys BLN with a local currency, they should in theory be able to trade those BLNs on a different exchange for any other digital asset they were interested in. It not only is an asset by itself, but a gateway asset to others previously denied by fiat binding.

They will be holding an ICO for this project starting July 15, and it will span for 30 days. 10,000,000 BLN tokens will be made, with 50% of those being open to the public in an ICO with the other 50% behind held by the Bolenum team as capital to support their future exchange.

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