BoatPilot Offers a Look at What Might Be The Future of Yachting Navigation

Blockchain Navigation startup BoatPilot has just announced their token sale, which aims to raise circa 10,000,000 million USD. This event is focused on the real economy sector businesses. The token generation event is set to start April 1st, 2018. The funds raised in this crowdsale will be used to expand BoatPilot’s business exponentially. The company has already raised over 1 million USD in their private sale.

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A reliable vendor of hardware navigation, BoatPilot’s solution is to develop the first market mobile platform that combines navigation, booking and advertising services for the private and charter yachting sector. The company describes itself as a cross between Google Maps and Trip Advisor.

Founded in 2012, BoatPilot is a marine navigation system that combines features of a classic chart plotter and an interactive navigation system. Also featuring an interactive pilot, this gives the user the opportunity to add comments and correct content, also featuring an augmented reality mode support. The company has also produced ‘BoatGod’ – a hardware module for collecting statistics from onboard systems and aggregating geolocation data. Their other creation is ‘Pocket Skipper’ – an advertising marketplace application.

Pocket Skipper was designed for booking and selling yachts, reserving marinas and searching for fellow passengers and tour offers.

Point of Sail

BoatPilot places a wide variety of clients in reach of yachting services and industry related companies. BoatPilot’s main advertising feature is targeting based on users’ interests, demand, and geolocation.

The yachting industry mainly supports imminent demand,Until now.Thousands of yachting-related SME’s had no tool to promote their services to their target audience in an innovative and affordable way. Today, BoatPilot offers one comprehensive advertising solution. The BoatPilot solution even knows when the vessel needs an oil change and where the crew can find the nearest service station.

With a 6 year long portfolio of achievements, BoatPilot has always sailed in a stable and mature sea of business, and its win-win business model is backed by the extensive experience of the company’s founders and team. BoatPilot has the modest ambition to make its services available to the international yachtsmen community, the company counts on a successful token sale.

Into The Deep Blue

‘MarketsandMarkets’ estimates the total navigation market size to be $74 billion. The largest regions with the fastest growth rates are Asia, (CAGR of 3.36%) and Latin America (CAGR of 3.30%). BoatPilot plans to capture 2.5% of the charts market by 2019. BoatPilot attracts the global yachtsmen community to enhance its charts, and with a couple of clicks a user can add any content to the database in real-time, or check the reliability of other users’ content.

As a result, the project stretched to as far as the Mediterranean and has the most accurate database: more than 4,000 marinas versus 1,800 listed by its closest competitors. Hundreds of key geotags are more accurate and have a more detailed description that those of systems that have been on the cards for decades.

The NAVI Token

BoatPilot has an impressive natural and logical business model will see the company in go stead. As BoatPilot Blockchain navigation company evolves and gains traction leading the market with its already outstanding services, Boatpilot has an uncompromised view on Geo-data, this being an important element of the system.

In order to keep all BoatPilots charts up-to-date, the company will be giving out their native NAVI token to all users who share their geodesic and cartographic data that is recorded by their onboard computers while sailing. The number of tokens awarded will be proportional to the amount of data shared.

BoatPilot’s pre-sale started on January 9th and has the minimum entry amount of 25,000 USD. The token sale starts April 1st, The Token Generation Event has a Soft Cap of 3,920,000 USD and a Hard-Cap of 9,850,000. The face value of each token is currently 0.07 USD. With a total supply of 281,737,610 NAVI tokens. Any unsold tokens will be burnt.

BoatPilot reserves the right to use any such data within their interface and will aim to consolidate this for their permanent access. BoatPilot cannot guarantee instantaneous purchase of the NAVI bonus tokens, as this will depend on the current financial state of the company, the volume of liquid assets, any strategic or tactical tasks, as well as any other circumstance. BoatPilot will do everything possible to ensure that Navi tokens will be traded on a large number of exchanges.