Blythe Masters To Open Digital Asset Holdings Offices In London

Digital Asset Holdings is one of those Bitcoin and blockchain startups which has gotten a lot of media attention in recent months. Part of that attention can be attributed to the woman behind this company, who is none other than Blythe Masters. By the look of things. Digital Asset Holdings is coming to London.

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Digital Asset Holdings Offices In London

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Any company active in the financial world dreams of making it big in two areas of the world: Silicon Valley and London. Especially that latter one is of great importance, as London remains the financial capital of the world. It only makes sense for blockchain startups to established their presence in the capital of England at some point.

Blythe Masters and Digital Asset Holdings seem to share that sentiment, as their offices in London will open soon. Not only will this location serve as a way to establish the presence of the blockchain startup in the UK and Europe, but Digital Asset Holdings will use the premises to actively support their clients.

The financial allure associated with London can not be ignored by any company these days, especially not those looking to obtain more seed funding. Furthermore, the city is a hub for innovation, and with such a close-knit relationship between technology and finance in London, establishing a presence there is a must for Digital Asset Holdings.

As part of this expansion, several new members have been appointed. Edward Newman – formerly a Goldman Sachs tech exec – and Justin Amos – managing director of NICE Actimize – will be spearheading the London offices for Digital Asset Holdings. Considering how the blockchain startup is looking to raise an additional US$35m in funding over the next year, these new additions will have their work cut out for them.

Whether or not Digital Asset Holdings can secure that amount of funding, is up in the air right now. So far, the startup has seen little success in the United States, as investors were not convinced by the technological package presented. Some experts even went as far as saying how the solution is versatile, but only because the startup gobbled up proprietary technology from other companies. Putting everything together into one scalable and comprehensive package is key to securing more funding.

Source: Business Insider

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