Blockstream Partners with PwC on Blockchain and Sidechain Projects

Blockstream recently announced a partnership with PwC, a financial and accounting services company based in the US. The deal will allow Blockstream to offer their expertise in the Bitcoin protocol and their sidechain solutions to PwC’s clients in different industries. “As we kick off 2016, we’ll be working with Blockstream across our practice areas to bring joint expertise, thought leadership, training, pilots and full-scale implementations to market.” said Dean Nicolacakis, FinTech Co-Leader at PwC.

One of Blockstream’s well known applications of sidechains is a project called Liquid, which allows the rapid transfers of funds between accounts held at different digital currency exchanges. The initial launch included some of the biggest names in the cryptocurrency exchange space such as Bitfinex, BTCC, Kraken and Xapo.

“Together, PwC and Blockstream will help clients by collaborating on existing solutions and developing offerings to enable companies to meet new competition, adapt to disruptive market forces and lead innovation.“

Haskell Garfinkel, PWC Partner and FinTech Co-Leader, said that distributed ledgers have a variety of applications across many industries, “For our clients, understanding new world applications of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, adapting it for myriad uses, and using it optimally are critical to improving financial security, efficiency and compliance,”


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