BlockPay Offers Cryptocurrency And Traditional Ecommerce Solutions At Zero Cost

Bringing cryptocurrency to ecommerce is quite a challenge, even though it is possible to integrate solutions through popular platforms these days. BlockPay is the company that may change all of that shortly, as the project offers both a wallet service and point of sale system. This novel solution is approachable by merchants of all sizes, anywhere in the world.

BlockPay Is A Nifty Ecommerce Solution

It is positive to see projects and developers trying to bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream. While consumers may not see the benefits of Bitcoin and other currencies just yet, the story is entirely different for retailers. However it is hard to come by all-in-one solutions, and signing up for multiple services can be a hassle.

The BlockPay solution alleviates most of these concerns by offering a smart wallet and point of sale system that supports all major cryptocurrencies. Next to Bitcoin, this solution also supports Dash and other mainstream cryptocurrencies which have been around for quite some time now.

For retailers, the solution provided by BlockPay makes a lot of sense, as it will support transactions from all cryptocurrency wallets. It also supports several dozen languages, and there are a built-in loyalty and reward system to attract more customers. More importantly, the solution is completely free for merchants, and there will not be any hidden fees.

One of the drawbacks for merchants is how cryptocurrency rates can be quite volatile. BlockPay will shield retailers from this volatility, while also providing detailed receipts for accounting and taxation purposes. Customers will also receive a receipt in the PDF format, which can be sent through a QR code or via NFC connectivity.

But there is even more, as this solution also supports debit, credit, and gift cards. For any merchant in the world,  BlockPay is a complete solution that offers the best of all worlds at the lowest fees possible. This is a perfect opportunity for merchants looking to expand their list of accepted payment methods, including cryptocurrency.

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