BlockDAG Aims for $30 by 2030, Surpassing & BONK

BlockDAG Predicted To Touch $30 by 2030; Outpaces & BONK Amid Market Challenges (FET) recently took a sharp 10% tumble, sparking worries about its ability to bounce back. At the same time, BONK has managed to hold its ground amid a wider crypto downturn, though its future is still up in the air. In stark contrast, BlockDAG is shining brightly as a prime investment opportunity. 

With forecasts predicting BlockDAG will soar to $30 by 2030 and bolstered by a remarkable presale that stacked up over $51.8 million, early investors have already seen an 1120% return. Moreover, BlockDAG’s ongoing presale and a $2 million giveaway strategy solidify its position as the top crypto to buy in 2024, offering both stability and substantial ROI potential. 

Examining’s (FET) 10% Price Decline: Future Prospects (FET) recently revealed a notable merger with ASI, aiming to bolster its utility by collaborating with Ocean Protocol and SingularityNET to establish the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance (AIS). This initiative seeks to offer a decentralized alternative to AI projects that are typically controlled by major tech companies. 

Despite the potential of these advancements, has experienced a 10% price drop over the past week, settling at $1.70. This decline has made investors wary, leading them to consider more promising options like BlockDAG.

BONK Price Report: Small Drop Amid Market Stress

BONK has demonstrated notable resilience during the recent downturn in the cryptocurrency market. Unlike many other meme coins that experienced substantial losses, BONK’s decline has been comparatively mild. The price of BONK has fallen by 2.71% to $0.000247, which is relatively insignificant compared to the 5-10% drops seen by its peers. 

Although BONK experienced a 7.46% decline over the past week, it has impressively surged by 34.32% in the last month. This strength is further evidenced by a 16.09% increase in 24-hour trading volume, reaching $609.24 million, indicating robust investor interest. Technical analysis suggests a potential upward trend, but BONK’s recovery will heavily depend on the overall market sentiment and the upcoming US Consumer Price Index (CPI) data.

Projecting BlockDAG’s Ascent: $30 by 2030

BlockDAG is swiftly climbing the ranks in the crypto market, boasting a successful Batch 18 presale that accumulated $51.8 million. This milestone reflects the strong confidence and enthusiasm of early investors. With its listing on CoinMarketcap, BlockDAG’s credibility and visibility have been firmly established. The presale success, marked by over 11.6 billion BDAG coins and 7,800 miners sold, underscores BlockDAG’s appeal as a lucrative investment.

As BlockDAG advances through its presale batches, prices have surged dramatically. Batch 18 coins were priced at $0.0122, reflecting an impressive 1120% increase from Batch 1. Investors have enjoyed substantial gains, and with plans to extend up to Batch 45, prices are expected to climb even higher. 

Crypto experts predict that BlockDAG will hit $30 by 2030, suggesting an astonishing 30,000x return on investment. This forecast emphasizes BlockDAG’s long-term potential and significant impact on the crypto landscape.

Adding to its appeal, BlockDAG is hosting a thrilling $2 million giveaway. To participate, investors need to hold at least $100 worth of BDAG and follow BlockDAG on social media. This giveaway, coupled with the presale’s stability and growth prospects, positions BlockDAG as a top investment choice compared to more volatile cryptocurrencies. Increased investor engagement boosts their chances of winning a share of the prize, further driving investment and interest in BlockDAG.


BlockDAG distinguishes itself in the cryptocurrency landscape, having notched a notable $51.8 million in its presale, paired with optimistic future price targets. In contrast to (FET) and BONK, which grapple with the turbulence of the market, BlockDAG emerges as a promising and profitable investment avenue. It is anticipated to escalate to $30 by 2030, further sweetened by a $2 million giveaway. For investors scouting for prime crypto picks in 2024, BlockDAG offers a compelling opportunity, promising significant returns for early backers.

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