Blockchain Wallet Finally Integrates Ethereum for iOS and Android

It has been coming for quite some time now, but the Blockchain wallet has officially integrated Ethereum support. This news was officially announced Thursday night, even though the integration of Ethereum has been on the agenda for quite some time now. It is good to see this major wallet supporting ETH right now, even though it seems the company has lost a lot of goodwill from its users as of late.

Ethereum Support for Blockchain is Finally Here

Most people know the Blockchain wallet as a way to store, send, and receive bitcoins. Indeed, that has been the company’s business model for quite some time now. It is doubtful that situation will ever change, for obvious reasons. However, that doesn’t mean the company won’t introduce support for other cryptocurrencies over time. Enabling support for Ethereum has been months in the making, yet has only just now come to fruition.

For the Ethereum community, this is pretty good news. Having more wallets which can support this cryptocurrency can only be considered a good thing. Although there is no shortage of Ethereum-compatible wallets these days, it never hurts to see some more competition emerge. Choice is always the best option for both companies and consumers, after all.

Under the hood, Ethereum users will receive all the same Blockchain wallet functionality that Bitcoin users have enjoyed for many years. It is a convenient solution for both desktop and mobile users alike, and will be of great interest to both novice and veteran cryptocurrency users. What’s more, integration has been built in for both iOS and Android users.

Given the recent shift of cryptocurrency into the mobile ecosystem as a whole, having more mobile wallets natively supporting different cryptocurrencies makes a lot of sense. Blockchain is still a well-respected company in the world of mobile cryptocurrency wallets. Its support for Bitcoin has been invaluable over the years, and the firm now aims to provide similar backing to Ethereum. Whether or not it will succeed in this regard remains to be determined.

The bigger question is whether Blockchain retains sufficient credibility to do so. More specifically, it seems a lot of Bitcoin users aren’t too pleased with Blockchain’s decision to support SegWit2x. Ideological issues aside for a minute, the battle lines have been drawn between companies supporting SegWit2x and those who have continuously opposed it. Blockchain is still in favor of SegWit2x right now, and it seems this position has cost the company some goodwill from the community.

The overall Ethereum community couldn’t care less about those issues, mind you. They are doing their own thing, which is working out quite well so far. A lot of issues have been addressed with the first part of the Metropolis hard fork. Once this upgrade fully completes, things will get a lot more interesting as far as Ethereum is concerned. Blockchain is doing its best to remain relevant in this mobile wallet ecosystem, which is the smartest business decision right now.