Blockchain Startup Human Discovery Platform Announces Revolutionary Changes to Digital Self-Improvement Market in New Whitepaper

3rd November, Moscow, Russia – Moscow-based blockchain startup Human Discovery Platform, is a  decentralized system that studies and approves ‘methodics’ (a method known as personal data interpretation tests) for personality analysis for digital products. The company’s recent whitepaper outlines how it aims to address numerous issues for tech entrepreneurs, authors of methodics, and their backers. Human Discovery Platform developers are working on the system, which will launch to the public in June 2018.

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The typical players of self-improvement industry like coaches or consultants have been around for ages, but the new trend in the industry is a shift towards digital services and mobile applications.

Integration of methods of personality analysis into the services is a major challenge, as it allows services to provide users with highly personalized recommendations based on the detailed personal information.

There is currently a huge gulf between the authors of methodics – psychologists, consultants, scientists – and entrepreneurs, who develop services. Entrepreneurs attempting to purchase a methodic for a service application are required to undergo a series of legal stages, pay taxes and various other commission charges. Individuals wishing to sponsor an author are also required to meet the required legislative requirements, especially if they are citizens of different states. Authors of methodics have also undergone a fairly high degree of scrutiny in the media, with the science behind the methodics of the self-development industry frequently coming into question.

If authors were given the ability to create their methodics in an open, transparent and accessible way, they could provide a broader array of offerings, ranging from decentralized dating apps to HR-services. Human Discovery Platform’s whitepaper explains how the company will solve the problems of approbation, through the monetization of methodics for personality analysis, data storage and provide regulation for interaction between entrepreneurs, authors of methodics and their backers.

The Human Discovery Platform will enable all authors to install their own methodic into the system by creating a block, which is located on nodes and execute a code of analysis.

The Human Discovery Platform will create complex methodics by combining blocks of various authors. For example, if the author wants to translate his methodics, he can put the translation block in front of his block. Blocks are similar to smart contracts, loaded by authors into a blockchain-network, and executed on decentralized nodes. The decentralized design of the platform ensures that the author’s data used for the methodic will be stored safely and not vulnerable to any one point of failure.

Implementing Blockchain technology in this field also alleviates any issue of mistrust, as each time the block executes request from the client, the blockchain-network records all incoming and outgoing data. This decentralized record doesn’t cover user’s personal data, so the results of the analysis are transparent, impersonal and available for verification. This way Human Discovery Platform will accumulate knowledge about human personality and behavior without being tied to a service that can go bankrupt or temporarily close down.

HD Tokens

The Human Discovery Platform ecosystem will run on its native HD-token, built on the Ethereum blockchain. HD-tokens will be issued in exchange for Ethereum and various other cryptocurrencies.

To conduct a request for an analysis of input data, the client will spend HD-tokens, which are later distributed between the authors of the blocks used by the client and the nodes on which the analysis code is executed.

A client can be an entrepreneur, with the ability to create a site or social network on the basis of the methodic. One advantage for entrepreneurs is that the platform will provide them with ready-to-use API of methodics, making it easier to launch the product based on it. The author of the methodic will also be able to create a contract for the backer who wants to sponsor the author, according to which part of the received HD-tokens from the block will be transferred to the backer. The platform is also expected to attract freelancers, who will serve needs of its participants and get HD-tokens in return.

Meet The Team
Timur Karimbaev (CEO),
Marat Nigametzyanov (Business Development Director)
Sergey Mikhailov (COO)

Timur, Marat and Sergey are known in Russia as co-founders of GetCourse, one of the largest services for the sale and delivery of online courses. The company’s revenue was $6 million in 2016. More than 1000 trainers and 9 million people are using GetCourse. The product level of GetCourse became a starting point of the Human Discovery Platform architecture.

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Media Contact
Contact Name: Julia Zhidkova
Email: [email protected]
Location: Moscow, Russia

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  • Christine Willis

    If guest is not willing to put a name to this post, then I am not willing to read it.

    • Timur Karimbaev

      Hello Christine, my name is Timur Karimbaev, I am CEO of project
      Which name you need? 🙂

      • Christine Willis

        Hello Timur. Thanks for the response. I usually check date of post and name of author. Lets me know that the post is timely or out of date and whether or not the author has credibility. If an author cannot put a name to the article then I would suggest that the author is not willing to stand behind their post.
        I had unsubscribed from Merkle, because I had issues with one of the prolific authors – Mr Buntinx.
        I appreciate your response and will take the time to read the article “Blockchain startup Human Discovery Platform announces Revolutionary Changes to Digital Self Improvement Market in New Whitepaper dated Nov 3 2017.
        I take the time to read the post, follow the links and research the article.

      • Christine Willis

        Hi Timur. Thank you for alerting me to your whitepaper. I read your paper 2 days ago and have a few questions. Is this a self development program and a matching to another person with the same ideals? It is obvious that time has been spent on education. Without an indepth exploration – your white paper has merit and I am assuming you are targeting the baby boom generation as well as the millenials. If I’ve read your paper correctly, I can see the potential as part of Human Resources for job recruitment, the psychology behind trading altcoins for new investors, identifying the type of consumer for online retail shopping, the matching up of people with the same aspirations. Would this eventually lead to creating mini communities under the umbrella of your platform? Don’t be shy in telling me if I have this wrong.
        I like your website and the synopsis on the developers that work behind the scenes. Kudos to you Timur.

        • Timur Karimbaev

          Hello Christine!
          Many thanks to you for your attention to Whitepaper!

          Yes – the main mission of our platform is to help people in the task of self-development and self-improvement, collecting those methods that already exist in a transparent and reliable system.

          We are sure that millenials are much more focused on the themes of self-development and search for oneself than the past generations.

          There are a lot of applications in business for this knowledge – HR, dating, and even banking scoring, but most importantly – self-improvement, help people understand what is its strength, what it will do well and what will not.

          And yes, Blockchain is necessary for us just in order for communities and services around the ecosystem to support authors in their research, independent of our company. We believe that this way we will be able to involve more people in the project and faster to disperse the project economy based on a token

          Thank you again 🙂

          • Christine Willis

            Alas I am the older generation, so probably not for me. If I haven’t figured out my strengths/weaknesses by now then I’m well past my use by date. But I have 2 daughters and a son as well as a lot of nieces and nephews that this could interest them. When you talk about self awareness and self development – what aspects do you focus on? is it about their physical build, their diet, their hopes in employment, their personal/work relationships, their financial knowledge, their values/cultural views etc. Just having difficulty pinpointing the specifics.

          • Timur Karimbaev

            We firmly believe that every person has something that increases his sense of happiness, and this is not always money, physical pleasure or fame. In short, this is the decision of the upper levels of the Maslow pyramid.

            At the same time, we believe that different people are happy with different things, there is no formula common to everyone.

            There are people who get a lot of pleasure from realizing their own importance, there are people for whom the main pleasure is to bring something new into the world, there are people who are just interested in understanding how something is arranged. In general, this is all that raises the level of happiness after the basic needs are met (we believe that this is the main task for the future, to understand what to do to people when the need for labor for survival does not exist).

            We set our first task – to help people find something that brings them pleasure, in whatever sphere it is: in work, in sports, in relationships, in physiology. And the second is to help them achieve this.

            Therefore, unfortunately, it is difficult for me to answer the question about the specifics in this key

          • Christine Willis

            Thank you Timur for taking the time to give me an insight into your whitepaper. The post right here is much more perceptive than what I read in your whitepaper. What you’ve said here answers the questions that came about because of the whitepaper. You need to include this – its awesome and creates the atmosphere of reaching out.

          • Larry

            Troll alert! She attempts this grandstanding on all the forums.

          • Christine Willis

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