Blockchain Startup Bulleon Welcomes 3 Heavyweight Advisors to the Team

Blockchain startup Bulleon has announced the addition of three new members to their growing team. Vladimir Nikitin, Phillip Nunn, and Nikolay Shkilev, will look to bring their experience in the areas of cryptocurrency, financial technology, and IT technology to the project. Nikitin is considered the second-best advisor in popular rating site ICO bench and is well known to the community for his professional consultancy work in law, finance, retail, and IT industries.

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Nikitin has is also a long-term advocated for cryptocurrency is has stated his intention to be a big part of the blockchain technology and its future in the world. Founder of The Blackmore Group, Nunn also has over a decade of experience in finances with particular insight into angel investment, financial tech, commercial property investment, and wealth management.

Shkilev is the Co-Founder of Top Blockchain Advisors, and he’s a part of numerous other business entities. A top 10 blockchain advisor on ICO Bench, he has spent over 20 years mentoring other advisors and has picked up several notable awards in that time, including the ‘Self-Made Russia’ award, and the Super TOP award.

Bulleon believes that these industry heavyweights will bring in a breadth of experience and become the foundation for the companies further development. Bulleon will offer a uniquely styled interface with a digital service for the cryptocurrency. Bulleon is to be developed from the ground up by top developers and under the watchful eyes of Nikitin, Nunn, and Shkilev, Bulleon.

Bulleons main focus is on the end-user. The company is looking to run a digital asset exchange, exchange, biometric hardware wallet and login authentication, an international debit card, e-commerce services for merchants, a peer-to-peer lending platform, and a cloud mining platform. The Bulleon team has a great understanding of the pace in which the crypto market moves, and are determined to simplify their financial transactions for all users.

About Bulleon Decentralized token sale

Bulleon has developed a decentralized fundraising method, offering users the availability to participate in the initial stages of the fundraising. From the campaign, a sizable amount of the tokens will be offered up to larger investors for a reduced price. This token presale is aiming to raise the capital to finance the main token sale marketing strategy development and execution.

This new approach to crowdfunding by Bulleon is designed to help smaller investors participate during the early stages, as there will be no there are no minimum/maximum investment limits.

With some projects prioritizing the needs of their largest investors, Bulleon is trying to create a fair playing ground for all level of participants.

The tokens are available for all those who would like to participate in the early funding stages. Bulleon is distributing the power and opportunities regardless of the size of contribution from investors.